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     trunc or the bobber
sondheim's Home rootthrone
     anomalous shortwave signal around 5 mhz but just about everywhere,
could it be similar or identical to the Australian signal, in any case,
modified here, the original blocking just about all the shortwave bands in
the vicinity of Santa Ana, perhaps elsewhere, we'll find out, but now
sondheim's Home swingle
     CZ101 synthesizer using multi-tone setting for solo work, a tune I'd
worked on years ago, this is a newer version, improvisatory as usual, hope
you enjoy it.
sondheim's Home stret4
     stret4 - very low frequency radio spikes stretched out 100-10000
times. recorded with Sony mini-disk, edited in CoolEdit. the digital
stretch collapses to fundamental operating frequencies which then are
parsed in relation to the original content; i.e. this is what happens.
unlike analog stretch - which bottoms out into silence or parasitic noise
- digital stretch tends towards continued spikes.
sondheim's Home stret1
     stret1 at lower magnification. insect-sounds from an entirely
different region, the dialectic of digital computers with analogic
space-time collapsed to digital spikes.
sondheim's Home lohengrin
     lohengrin dances to the beat of the fourth of july! to the beat of
credit manipulation! to the uneasiness of shock explosion tactics
fireworks. first in a series of parallel video presentations plus text.

more as usual at

- Alan

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