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Subject: WWF International Newsletter: The Heart of Borneo

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In this issue:

* Heart of Borneo : Now or never
* Every 2 minutes a dolphin, porpoise or whale will die
* Take action: Will New South Wales commit to renewable energy?


Heart of Borneo: Now or never

There is this place on Earth where the forests are filled with unique
and amazing animals, where vast arrays of plant life remain
undiscovered. These are the forests that provide the life-blood to the
people living there - supplying precious water, food, shelter and
income. This is the Heart of Borneo.

But with its vast natural resources, it is no surprise that many of
Borneo's forests and species are severely threatened. WWF is seeking
to help conserve this special place, through a network of protected
areas and well-managed, productive forest, to ensure the survival of
Borneo's unique biodiversity.

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Find out what you can do to help protect the heart of Borneo:


Every 2 minutes a dolphin, porpoise or whale will die

Every single day, almost a thousand dolphins, whales and porpoises die
in nets and fishing gear. That's one every two minutes.

Bycatch - the capture of unwanted fish and other species in fishing
gear is one of the greatest global threats facing dolphins, porpoises,
and whales. According to a new WWF report, nine dolphin and porpoise
populations around the world need immediate action if they are to
survive the threat of entanglement in fishing gear.

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Join WWF and help stop dolphins dying:


Take action: Will New South Wales commit to renewable energy?

The Premier of New South Wales in Australia, Bob Carr, has been an
international leader in speaking about the impact of climate change.
But, his leadership role could be tainted if his government outlines
plans to build new coal power plants.

Send a letter to Premier Carr calling on him to commit to clean energy
for New South Wales:


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