The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

July 24, 2005

mons mons series

around the hills of Los Angeles
where the lonely woman looks out of the Western Motel
sometimes they burn
and everything human is lost and we are happy
the plants and animals are happy too

the Western Motel is at the end of the world
of course of course of course


from gates and buildings

substation gates, plateglass front window, display case surface

please be careful while listening, even at low volume; subsonic
rumbles about 3/4 the way through tend to rattle speakers

entities mouth speak, it's the nature of the world
resonance where and when coherency occurs
the same for partial entities, for no entities at all
world murmuring the world
things are temporary coagulations
they're not yet torn apart
they're speaking as if they were one, coherent,
as if someone said unity
as if the saying made it so
as if the saying made it so for all time
and all transportation from one space to any other

i recording the mouthing of the world, mouthing of the cosmos
what you might ignore shuddering somewhere in a building
or before a wooden gate

perhaps you're thinking of entering
perhaps you're thinking of nothing, walking on


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