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July 30, 2005

silent movie

a series of event

or serie of events
something happened that we will slow up the ob-scene
ob-scene, obvious scene, obvious seen
the plot obvious seen

What happened to the fish?

I used to think I could work in tiny spurts, 30k was what
I told my students and that sufficed surely for a while, but
As the digital began to coalesce and approach the real,
It turned it it didn't matter what you or I might feel,
We had to adjust to the times. The analogic breathed down our necks,
And while the image turned truer, video retained its specks.
Soon we analyzed the image, found it was just the same as before,
And the video, already swollen, the same but a little bit more.
In the depths of the ocean I took the image with the fish,
Carefully erased it for the other, it's gone for you, I wish
It's disappeared and safe and snug within the tentacles and arms
Protecting it against carnivores who come to eat and do it harm.
I wanted to show you the smoothness of the digital jelly
Besides the tiny fish who would not wish it in its belly,
But glides nonetheless in and out following sun, moon, and tides
And there is so much more, I'm sorry for the megabytes, besides.

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