The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 6, 2005

The Industrial Meaning

If the natural is by definition analogic, the industrial is digital,
determined by parameterization, standardization, tolerance, specificity,
equivalence. If the natural is characterized by releasement, the
industrial follows by the relation of curtailment, from cannister to
home-owner's association.

The natural effloresces; the miniaturization of the digital tends toward
its other, just as the quantum theory tends towards the digital.

As with , choice had to
be made out of a basic corpus of 1800 pictures. What constitutes the
industrial? There is always the industrialization of the body.
'artificial' nature in the form of aquariums or zoos, traditional 19th-
century factory architecture, the mechanical or electrical. This video is
shorter than the natural, reflecting my interest, nothing more.

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