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August 14, 2005

Weak Work

Periphyton is fundamental to wetlands, fundamental environments related to
stromatolites and other bacterial/algal mattings. This from a small stream
through the chaparral at Crystal Cove. We went to San Pedro to find cheap
housing, nothing doing, Museum of Jurassic Technology, back to the book-
store for the 1908 Report of the Department of Mines, Volume 1 Anthracite,
back in Pa. Confirmed from 1899-1908, 4559 killed, plus numerous injured.
This in 4 poorly-populated counties. Now I learn to see. Being Jews, we
were small merchants. David Bohm lived above a furniture store. With a
microscope, innumerable organisms appear. Continue enlarging and life is
symptomatic all the way down. Information appears on the other side.
Fifty-thousand miners await angelic Orders, over there. The Jews stay out
just as they were prohibited from the Westmoreland Club where my
inaccessible crush, Platt Townend, might well have freely entered. David
Bohm was long gone when I grew up. We were in the middle of nowhere.
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