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August 17, 2005

secret message embedded in grepped text file

none of us could believe pirandello punchinello not another one ground
stake properly the earth was rocky and bone dry we poured water there was
money to be made by busline replacement even though buses have of wilkes
barre had one connecting it with scranton the automobile wiped henry's
uncle collis huntington was one of the founders of the southern joshua
paul o'reilly i've mentioned this book before i swear by this is one of
them the book covers in the usual 'hacks ' every and more work needs to be
done not on cyborgs although this references tioned it's as if gaming and
its emissions existed outside the apparatus hand this slim text sets a
foundation like none other chapters include mapserver's mapscript and two
appendices one on map projections and a google and worldwind are not
mentioned i've only read this book i'm not please if you have a better one
send it to me!  but it's absolutely incorporating intelligent opponents
audio for driving and racing games real codons i recommend this for anyone
interested in gaming whether or gender in this game a man and a woman are
concealed from a questioner on one hand noh and buddhism on the other
reconfiguring histories of the work that needs to be done might be most
likely is entirely else of his clothes until the prisoners were freed i
think that was what he said he had that deeper sound not that high
lonesome sound but that edgy sound at the lip of a cave or abandoned shack
somewhere in the about anything he's probably one of a million players
back then there everyone says that all the time i haven't a clue about the
music i think that's all like everyone else in this culture he'll recede
quickly he's it's all gone all gone it never meant anything for a moment
folks ever those prisoners they're the ones should be in charge and the
ones out there the free ones lock them up and throw away the key bohm was
long gone when i grew up we were in the middle of nowhere stet never
leaving well enough alone from one viewpoint many from many viewpoints one
everyone wants their partner dead everyone wants to fuck their partner
dead everyone dreams of a body at their disposal these beautiful times in
orange county! electric train lines remained operating at that time and
the conventional logging "making your own weather report " quicktime pro
filters and the time and it's not language but randomness which conceals
and congeals marks we don't have time for this! we are too small in the
cosmos and too everyone says that all the time i haven't a clue about the
music i think had his day at the prison maybe sometime in twenty years or
so he'll be stet never leaving well enough alone the pacific electric
railway aar reporting mark pe also known as the communities the los
angeles railway lary these were known as the pacific electric passenger
service was sold off in to a company known limited knowledge of a better
introduction to a kind of gaming that is learning more than i knew and
what i find i need to know is often on the but the project of the book has
raised these questions unfairly i know no know the world is deeply
senseless causal chains 'hold' only some of we don't know anything at all
about that period it seems an entirely lucky i am years from now they'll
still be singing his songs country bohm was long gone when i grew up we
were in the middle of nowhere i know you will be satisife

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