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Performance thinking about death, Grand Central Art Center, 8/15/05

the reconciliation of _war_ with _philosophy_  { hello hello please come
in { hello goodbye please come in
and thank you for coming. we are very
yes we are very happy to have you here/.
hang in there . I am trying to get my bearing
I had all sorts of things to say to you. Are you going to Crawford Texas
for example. And thenI forgot what I was going to say. O
I am
O I am stalling
stalling for time. You see...
Wait a minute. This has to do with energy. No, this has to do with
Whose war is this anyway.
We'll look at the map, we've been there before Damn it I'm going much to
fast. You wouldn't believe whqat you've missed! Very low frequency radio
with metaphoric ionospheric ducting (useful for the production ofd the
original sounds)
Between earth and sky and far away from any electrical grid
You can hear these things
Or these things
Or this when the antenna collapsed somewhere I think it was in Crystal
images taken across the country representing in my viewpoing' the natural'
you can see if you look closely the cat that lives in the now ruined
electrical substation across the plaza from here
or this the category of the industral and perhaps the cat is here as well
antenna coupling with musicla instrument strings, there's no microphone,
just the earth itself speaking in relation to the objects upon it
this is begnning to sound like heidegger.
azure's movements are coupled with the antenna as well
there's no microphone once again, just the conductivity of the earth
speaking, what you're hearing is the radio surface of the planet
undergoing transformation
or the radioactive surface, all those soldiers at the 4th of juyly
huntington beach parade
the goose=stepping gave me chills.
what were they thinking?
probably nothing like that but mom and apple pie
well that was the 1950s
if that was lohengrin this is lorelei

and this is where we came from and this is where we're goiing

there's an ...urgfency... that's urgency... here, i can't define, all this
radioactivity, this encounter with violence in the guise of holiday-making
welcome please have a seat, there's no beginning and no end to this
just as there's "no end" to this:
we were here and there and now we're here:
i keep thinking to myself:
we're at the end of things.
in another ten years, what's happening here
will make no sense
armegeddon isn't around the corner, it's here and now
it's just about
it's just about adjusting things and why?
what's the point of allignment - things are going askew in any case - did
you notice cal state fullerton's servers were down - back on - down again
- back on - do you think this is temporary?  fuck degas
fuck degas again
welcome to the world of the black sun
so what do we have to offer besides despair
or this.
or these, my treasures
whatever i try to do, industry takes over, there's no escape from it. i
i will stop soon and i will talk about this work you'll see
and maybe it will make some sort of sense at that point
more than for example playing the guitar
god for a moment i could believe this is 1969
thank you -= I realize this is incomplete at best, fragments of work or
fragments of other work - hang in there -
thank you = lights please?

Notes in the form of - The Hidden / The Wonder

Analog: the world, _of_ the world.
Digital: the word, _of_ the word.

This work: to problematize both, particularly the digital (as reflective
of the cleansed earth, denuded earth, one's hope for eternity, eternal
hope. And the analog: infiltration of dirt, unacknowledged real.

1. - Continuation of 'avatar' work. But isn't this already stale,
outdated? Extruded / intruded (upon) body: cleansed bodies of the
continuous middle-eastern 'war'; armored bodies and imaginary journeys
(Rhine, England); sexualized bodies:

2. - Infra-red video: staged partial narratives ('nude descend,'
'bumblepal,' 'mydeadwife,' 'tine' - bodies in silent industrial space -

3. - Sub-audio: vibration monitor/recording of bodies, buildings, sounds,
w/ raised pitch: Lingis' 'murmur of the world' carried through and into

4. VLF (very low frequency) radiowork modified in order to create a. the
semblance of ionospheric ducts; b. granular particle decay.

2/3/4: antique apparatus for the perception of _sublime_ wavelengths :
speaking of the world, condensed narrations, meaning- generators. The
mechanical sensitized skin written large. _Not_ cyborg but embedding in

_Archaic_ or 'primordial' apparatus, moving towards internalization. The
_probe._ The antenna: Heidegger, the reach.

5. W/1-4: continued work on distinction between analog/digital in relation
to categories (nothing more than constructed) of the 'natural' and
'industrial' - and in terms of open analogic and closed digital sets.
Collapse of the wave equation. INTERNATIONAL CODE OF SIGNALS and Level
Intermingling - levels, meta-levels, and 'aura.'

6. Worlds of real-time manual labor in relation to culling/production: CD
work of flat-dry guitar/VLF audio/radio; and CD work with Matt Frantz of
manual/electronic labor.

7. Re/presentation of absolute despair in relation to the 'cruelty' of the

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