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August 24, 2005

paysage paysage

i'd i'd
i'm i'm
decathexis d'nala
i've i've
i'm i've http imaginaries idealities i've indexicality ideogrammar
awk BBS
cdrom CEN
rills RNA
literarily LOL
unhinging URL
virtualities URLs valium VRML valium voiceovers webboard virtualities
kwat Lacan
lpmud machinic
machinic magatama
runnels Sagdish
Myouka nakasukawabata
halfgroupoid halfgroupoid
URLs valium
fantasm familiality
Panamarenko Panamarenko
deconstructed dancework
Lacan landbirds
landbirds languaging
latinate languaging literarily lejeune liguus machinic liguus machinic
magatama manifesto
panix panix
nakasukawabata nano
fantasmic fantasm
extrusions fantasmic filmstock fantasm filmstock fingerboard feedforward
narratology Nara
neighborhooding narcissism
Netscape narratology
particulation particulation
mathematization Marvellous
bushido castrated
mediaspace mathematization
languaging latinate
Sagdish satori
aesthetic zaurus aether aether app aether aether arounds Amidah archaea
sawgrass sawgrass
techne taxonomies
Waypoint Waypoint
paysage paysage
actant actants
bvh cd
idealities idealities
ideogrammar ideogrammar
rearticulation realspace
seamount seamount
rebirths rearticulation
kanji Kebara
webboard webboard
Webpage webcam VRML wetwares Webpage Webpages worlding Webpages willets
redhat rebirths
Webpage Webpages
Webpages website
deconstructing decathexis
cunts decathexis cyberspace d'nala deconstruction d'eruza deconstruction
deerflies decathexis desiccated defuge deerflies diachrony denudation
teleologies techne
sed sed
regimens redhat
miami mediaspace
fictivity feedforward
defuge deerflies
denudation defuge
reifications regimens
Myouka neighborhooding Myouka neighborhooding neurophysiologies Nara
rearticulation reinscribed rills regimens romola RNA reinscription satori
latinate lejeune
reinscription releasement
temporality teleologies
tion teleologies thanatopoesis tr terns traceroute trAce tion txt
sememe sememe
sememes sememes
Semiology Semiology
semiosis semiosis
hee hemiptera grep holarchy hir hemiptera http hirself htm i'm holarchy
tendrils temporality
javascript Jen
terns tendrils
Jen jennifer
introjections jennifer jewish java judgmental jisatsu jewish Kebara
CEN Centre
Derrida denudation
geomatics geomatics
periphyton performativity
perl periphyton
phantasms perl
desiccated Derrida
dhtml desiccated
actants aesthetic
gesturally gesturally
aesthetic aether
website wetware
wetware wetwares
www wetwares ytalk yamabushi worlding ytalk ytalk zaurus
oeuvre oeuvre
jennifer jewish
sexualities sexualities
emanants effusions
shakuhachi shakuhachi
shamisen shamisen
sed shamisen semiosis semiotics shinjuu semiotics shimenawa sions shamisen
tropes thanatopoesis
phenomenologist phantasms
particulation phantasms particulation perl physico performativity
sheffer sheffer
physico phenomenologist
shimenawa shimenawa
shinjuu shinjuu
Centre chora
wetwares WiFi
diegesis diachrony
microworlds miami
valium vicodin
minefields microworlds
filmmaker fictivity
videowork videowork
diegetic diegesis
differance diegetic
nietzsche nietzsche
nijinsky nietzsche neighborhooding NYC nietzsche nikuko ontologies nikuko
lejeune lifeworld
differend differance
dhtml differance desiccated differance differend diachrony disinvestment
Difilter differend
Difilter differend ecologies disassociating distantiation emergences
gigabytes gigabytes
signifiers signifiers
nijinsky nijinsky
nikuko nikuko
Nikuko's Nikuko's
WiFi willets
releasement rills
filmstock filmmaker
fingerboard filmstock
foofwa fingerboard
liguus linksys
linksys linux
castrated bio
bushido bio bvh bvh blogs CEN castrated bvh circumlocuted cd Centre clots
thanatopoesis tions
hemiptera hir
chora circumlocuted
circumlocuted circumscription
hir hirself
virtualities virtualities
jewish jisatsu
Distributivities discomforted
hirself historiographies
linux literarily
manifesto literarily mediaspace manifesto machinic minefields Marvellous
skeining skeining
skeins skeining shinjuu sourcess skeins Snoxfly specicide Snoxfly
skeins skeins
ikonic ikonic
pneumosphere playnt phantasms postmodernity pneumosphere poolings
vlf vlf
circumscription clits
bio blogging
biomes blogs
clits clots
CEN clots codework circumlocuted com codeworks codework consciousnesses
typifications ulpan
aether alterities
imaginaries imaginaries
emergences emanants
empathetic emergences
disinvestment emergences empathetic ecologies entropic empathized
alterities Amidah
empathized empathetic
encapsulations empathized
ulpan ums
Amidah analogic
informatics incompletes
inscriptive indexicality
postmodernism pneumosphere
ums unfoldings
interiority informatics
unfoldings unhinging
Snoxfly Snoxfly
immersivities interiority imaginaries interiority internality indexicality
interpenetrating internet
introjections internet internality java interpenetrating isp jennifer
interpenetrations interpenetrating
introjections interpenetrations
ontologies ontologies
isp introjections
episteme entropic
clots codework
coherencies codeworks
collocations coherencies
voiceovers voiceovers
historiographies holarchy
com collocations
Compaq com
RNA romola
complicit Compaq
coherencies Compaq cunt com cunt cunts consciousnesses d'eruza Cybermind
sondheim sondheim
consensualities consensualities
gesturally foofwa fingerboard grep genidentity gigabytes hee gesturally
Google Google
blogging bookshops
primordials poolings Prespace psychoanalytics postmodernity realspace
cordons cordons
willets worlding
morphing morphs
mediaspace morphs mediaspace morphs ms minefields Myouka Mt morphs Nara Mt
nostalgias nostalgias
romola rotifera
romola rotifera sed rotifera seamount sememes satori semiosis Semiology
jisatsu jouissance
soundwork soundwork
sourcess sourcess
morphs mov
spam spam
stromatolite specicide
jouissance jpg
ethernet episteme
LOL lpmud
analogic app
audiophiles app avatar avatar arounds bio avatar avatar blogs awk biomes
tion tr
tions trAce
tr traceroute
trAce tracert
traceroute tracert ums tracert ulpan unhinging txt URLs URL ums
traceroute trans
app archaea
grep grep
primordials presentification
protolanguage Prespace
org org
organelles organelles
offline organelles NYC panix Panamarenko ontologies performativity panix
blogs bricolage
gridlines gridlines
psychoanalytics primordials
qbasic primordials regimens realspace rearticulation reinscription
tracert tropes
aristotelian arounds
worlding wryting
mov ms
arounds asondheim
izanagi isp
ms Mt
structuralism stentor
everglades ethernet
holarchy htm
htm html
subgroupoids stromatolite
speakings stromatolite sourcess subgroupoids structuralism specicide
html http
subtexted subgroupoids subjectivities Sysadmins subjectivities symbologies
Subsonic Subsonic
subtext subtext
subtexted subtexted
tamiami subtexted techne taxonomies Sysadmins terns techne teleologies
jpg judgmental
asondheim audion
audion audiophiles
Mt multiculturalisms
judgmental julu
jouissance julu landbirds judgmental landbirds latinate Kebara liguus
rotifera runnels
cunt cunt
cunts cunts
susan susan
bookshops bushido
audiophiles avatar
avatar avatars
exe everglades
empathetic everglades encapsulations episteme extasis entropic extasis
extensivity everglades fantasm externality extensivity feedforward
bricolage bvh
Kebara kwat
avatars awk
zaurus www
experientials exe
trans txt
externality extensivity
extrusions externality
familiality extrusions
Cybermind Cybermind
cyberspace cyberspace
cyborg cyborg
symbologies symbologies
multiculturalisms Myouka
http hyperreality
Sysadmins Sysadmins
systemics systemics

"i've always wanted to make an experimental movie.
"i've run out of ideas.
"this is already 24 megabytes and i've been reducing.
"it's an experimental movie.
"it owes everything to joseph cornell.
"it's about the forces of nature and industry.
"everything i've seen is exactly like it.
"it's an experimental movie.


our innermost being
murmur of purring machines
constant sleepiness in the hollow waiting for our demise

beings before us, beings after us

our sense of being, equivalent to being,
would a bee or a hummingbird, Heidegger, Dasein
these are not idle questions

i've always wanted to make an experimental movie
now in the heart of the heartland, why not?

for these are empires in the making, all of them
and we won't be here much longer

i wouldn't even wait if i were you

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