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August 26, 2005

the construction of a video or film = industrialization of perception
i am peering over the shoulders of the subject

she knows her place

Sam Beckett's running on empty

i this want this to more say than this anything more want than to anything
say else get i'm keep get please desperate me please else out, else keep i
me get alive die don't in fashion, so let fashion, die me have desperate
in alive so to still learn much am learn still know have the let where so
world me am much is die furious know which there's there's world no i
little which room don't for sure me, of no, there's sure i'd it for of me,
i'd no just little kill add add flesh myself, a a to flesh just waters a
every species living species species dying, dying, but nothing every but
living embers caught caught between between two two but worlds, embers
teeth = and fuel, = reserves fuel, afraid reserves teeth afraid and worked
i i'll how out am i've do do i'll how i'll there worked general it are out
forms of blocking and communication opening opening forms elsewhere are
these kill parasitic, in they these conceivable elsewhere manner should
why hold should life hold when life should when why currently useless,
destroyed irrelevant, useless, touch, irrelevant, bad touch, currently
meat hold bad destroyed form you you animals animals plants, plants, meat
charred flesh, flesh, not not every thrust thrust into charred existence
flesh, corruption corruption we we us us go go running empty empty running
on running i else else i want i to want say to this say more this than
more anything than i'm alive alive i'm desperate i'm get to out, this
please out, keep please me keep don't learn learn don't let don't die me
in die fashion, this still i have still so have much so know don't where
know am i the in world the which world is which furious furious there's it
it there's little there's room little for room me, for no, me, no there's
sure i'm of sure i'd waters waters i'd kill i'd myself, kill just myself,
add just a add flesh little every embers embers every living every species
living dying, is nothing there's but nothing caught teeth teeth caught
between caught two between worlds, two and teeth = empty fuel, no reserves
reserves afraid am i'll afraid i've myself, worked i've out worked how out
do to there elsewhere elsewhere there are there general are forms general
blocking of communication blocking opening and these manner manner these
parasitic, are they parasitic, conceivable every why destroyed destroyed
why should why hold i life in when life currently i'm useless, form form
useless, irrelevant, useless, touch, of bad touch, meat bad you me animals
me plants, and charred plants, flesh, charred not why thrust every into
thrust existence into corruption corruption we and us let go go running on
empty i want to say this more than anything else i'm desperate get out,
please keep me alive don't let die in fashion, still have so much learn
know where am the world which is furious there's little room for me, no,
no sure of it i'd kill myself, just add a flesh waters every living
species dying, nothing but embers caught between two worlds, teeth and =
fuel, reserves afraid i'll i've worked out how do there are general forms
blocking communication opening elsewhere these parasitic, they conceivable
manner why should hold life when currently destroyed useless, irrelevant,
touch, bad meat form you animals plants, charred flesh, not thrust into
existence corruption we us g

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