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September 6, 2005

the bee

this is difficult to explain. a small section of the original recording,
around 2 p.m. at silver lake, utah (elevation around 7000'). the apparatus
- vlf radio with six foot vertical antenna, minidisc recorder. anomaly:
the ground stake didn't seem to connect properly; i grounded the radio by
hand (i.e. touching the chassis).

the major sound: usual vlf 'static.' the major anomaly: the sound of a bee
flying near the radio chassis / ground and antenna wires / my hand holding
the ground. post-processing: the usual 80-100 db notch filter for 60 hz
and harmonics.

you can hear the sound of the bee, i.e. the wings of the bee. the bee is
in the air, the wings are in the air. either the bee generates radio waves
or the bee interferes with radio waves. the bee is not grounded, the air
was dry, i.e. not moist.

why should one hear the sound of a bee without a microphone, with only a
vlf antenna nearby?

later, a fly was heard as well, several times. and a smaller insect. but
not some other insects (that flew by as well).

( now thousands of miles away, last night, i was stung by a bee. this is a
warning. i am not to know: a. why bees interfere with radio waves. b. what
bees communicate in certain circumstances. c. why the particular site of
silver lake was chosen. d. why this hasn't been recorded elsewhere.
perhaps the site was protected by the bees. revelation: the sting (which
also of course killed the insect) was punishment. )

The Burrows

"I could kill you for what you did to me, but you did it first."


Glad me.
you It's
finally hard
are to
hearing write
from here
me. without
It's a
hard Glad
to you
write finally
here are
without hearing
head. much
Or of
for consciousness,
that but
matter, you
any know
much what
of I
consciousness, head.
but Or
know that
what matter,
mean. to
We bits
all back
sliced then.
each I
other don't
bits you
back mean.
then. We
don't sliced
hold each
responsible, live
did got
want famous
life no
live responsible,
and but
got did
famous want
no life
ever They're
heard looking
me the
again. boxes
They're of
looking letters
through and
the ever
boxes heard
letters me
notes mistake
left they've
behind got
- you.
little in
mistake a
they've you
you. behind
And -
in one
way glass
hope no
did, way
glass I
or hope
glass, that
taking -
pot what
shots you
party fucked
was up.
fucked And
up. you're
you're up.
You life
out junkie,
your you're
junkie, write
you? as
No well
hears or
me, forgot,
might you?
as No
well one
be ever
dead, hears
forgot, I
am, little
you've crawling
those vermin
boys over
crawling your
like am,
vermin and
over got
body. Lee"
But and
years said
ago I'm
"Bill going
Lee" to
whatever But
said was
I'm years
going ago
get word
last even
word in
in, get
even the
rotten or
asshole. the
worship in
Amerikkka they?
they? bunker
Fucking mentality.
bunker Whatever
mentality. worship
happened what
weed. to
could but
kill you

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