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Childhood home of David Bohm

Childhood home of David Bohm, Wilkes-Barre, PA (my hometown as well).
David lived above the furniture store in the photograph. A next-door
neighbor told us that the store had been resold in the early 50s to
someone currently living in Mountaintop. I don't know if the current
owner is related.

We were also told that the building next to the furniture store was a
combination house and mission; the former built in 1847, and the mission
at the beginning of the 20th century. The front porch has been enclosed
because the neighborhood has become dangerous, and the stained-glass
windows in the surrounding houses have been stolen; his are now behind an
outer wall.

The furniture store is at 410 Hazel St.

Bohm is one of the originators of the theory of hidden variables in
quantum mechanics; he had a large effect on Bell, among others. His work
on the implicate order continues to influence, and the work he was engaged
on before he died, prespace, is still at the forefront of QM research. See

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