The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

September 13, 2005

the vision of dawn and the chorus of dawn

there are deer in the river, eleven blue herons
i am glad i am alive to see this
the singing and the mourning of the world

my father lives alone in a large house in a small town
my mother died five years ago
at ninety-one he's moving slowly, he wouldn't
be able to climb, here in the chorus of the dawn
the early morning of the blue deer, the blue deer

cursed be the god that brings so much death and beauty


to see this or this or this, i must record everything
before my father is gone, before i am gone

last night azure was sleeping, i moved close to her,
snuggled, the world calmed for just a moment, death
at least another day away

the day i die she will rise up
the day i die she will rise up
the day i die she will sleep
the day i die she will sleep


my philosophy will teach me the unbearable

i will learn to listen to the beginnings and endings of the world


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