The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

the PINUP is a disturbance of duplication, shape-shifting
she comes in all sizes and one shape
the PINUP is an exercise in shape-morphing

In these modified images from a Santa Ana storefront, nothing is revealed
- a restrained come-hither look (for production) combined with an absence
of nipples, labia, the liquidity of the body's repose. Duplicated most
likely from original photographs, they're already copyright, readied for
distribution; I've stolen their souls from the store-front, for which, in
Mea Shearim, in orthodox Jerusalem, I would be stoned. The figures look
beneath the robes of the orthodox; orthodoxy always requires robes, hiding
the pillar of the erection, the vaginal cave. What opens is only the wound
of desire - the breasts cut, castration, flagellation, death to the
pleasure of god. I see the saints in these women, the last vestiges of a
human race before complete devastation sets in. Already photographs 'like
these' litter the streets of Brooklyn and Hollywood, begging for commerce.
Every human equation has, if not AIDS, any other disease of the body,
tearing itself to pieces. We are all deliverers of our own deaths; our
casket, the flesh, our rites long-since shattered. I am a fixture.

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