The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 2, 2005

destruction of generations

no, no, no, I say, our children are not our future; we are. the biggest
mistake of the radical 60s is the current insistence on the generation
model - that 60s radicals began what another generation can learn from,
can carry on, can critique. the world is a displaced continuum, miasma of
disparities - not a coherent structure of divided lineage. the truth of a
man's or a woman's thought does not age, is never outmoded; the truth is
always already present, always unaccountable. when a torch is passed, the
light is out; when a torch is lit, it is lit for all.

i learned blues from al wilson of canned heat, we played together, and
from son house, the short time i spent with him. so it goes, this is for

where and when the ornithological intersects the instrument
or rather where the instrument produces the digital wilderness -
this is what is left after the fury of the melting snows -
ice ages and boiled ages for all to see and hear -
i am a perfect high-speed machine
using antique instrumentation made of the quality of wood
not so much for your enjoyment, as for testimony
that such craftsmenship existed
o exalted ones, that such craftsmenship existed

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