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October 10, 2005

"limit notes revisioned

where a function converges to a limit. what is beyond the limit.
*/the singularity ends not as void, not as voidness of void; it ends
in both interior and exterior, embedded and embedding space. the latter is
of formal interest only; the former may turn in upon itself, present a
boundary related to stability boundaries (outside of which is chaos), or
narrow asymptotically, never reading an end as time forestalls./*

construction of works as edge phenomena
*/two types of edge phenomena: dis/comfiture and formal boundaries./*
fields of symptoms, intermixtures of fields
*/structured formal symptomologies, chaotic symptomologies, the latter in
direct relation to environmental destruction./*
the result given in relation to apperception
*/perceived and unperceived: within or without the interior/*

koan, satori, etc. in relation to edge -
*/as if there were a zero point or its absence here/*
diogenes laertius in relation to zeno - |    |  || - sputtered discrete
into analog at the limit -
*/into catastrophe at the limit: what happens when both space and time
collapse utterly? compare this to infinite environmental depletion./*

tools, vlf radio */both e and b fields/*
poser and other motion-capture work */now the level of formal exercise/*
extensions of narratives */being there/*
analog/digital investigations: physics, mathematics */failed here so far/*
police-scanner psychotopography */useless to date/* */environmental
depletion. catastrophic degradation. increase of scanner noise, decrease
of coherency./*

- talk about geography and consciousness */psychogeography of extinction.
infiltration of wounded species./*
- universe and consciousness in relation to 'plasma' */destruction of
consciousness, destruction of universe. neither creation nor destruction,
neither void nor emptiness. neither fullness nor identity, equivalence,

sexualities */always, limitless, collapsing, extinguishing./*
heuristics */what to do to survive, last of your species/*
languages bodies */no one hears you anyway. no one sees you./*
pathos, empathy, sympathy, defuge */yes yes but for whom. stories are
lost, it's gone, it never was, never existed, the one for the many stands
for the many for the one./*

anomalous vlf signals welded together */as if there were still an earth/*

rule-governed systems in relation to consciousness (going back to older
immersive/definable work). what is the _meaning_ of particular
explanation? is explanation itself a form of the discrete? */does an
explanation demand a community? bohm's coherency? does an explanation
demand a species?/*

the system in relation to the carrying-out of the system */the system is
the residue of the process. the process is the maintenance of the
temporality inherent in the carrying-out */standards, typifications,
typologies, taxonomies, of temporality in the absence of culture, energy,
mechanism, stasis, data-storage, species, community, organism./*

irigaray, fluid mechanics - hertz's mechanics. */substituted flux, nodal
points. hieroglyphics of production. fluids require external molds to
which they conform. mechanisms my inherently cohere./*

the_limit_ is the discrete mathematization/formalism itself as on the page
- the limit background - call it the 'horizon' or phenomenological horizon
- is the immersive activity. */the requisite of peirce's sheet of
assertion. who manufactures the sheet? what organism? species? where is
the sheet located? does it decay in the presence of runaway oxidation?/*

immersive activity is vectored, i.e. past-future, however entangled. an
issue is genidentity - i.e. that constants, what _passes_ for constants -
i.e. those formal written elements (which may include time as a variable).
*/constants do not exist in a world heading towards catastrophic break-
points, feed-forward mechanisms hurrying depletion on one hand, the
exponentially-increasing (but not forever) approach of the planet's
carrying-capacity on the other. hold to your sheet of assertion which
becomes a winding sheet; bury yourself in it. you are the last of your

a second limit - that of the apparatus - i.e. bandwidth or perceptual
limit (of course not equivalent). how to translate the former into the
latter - i.e. lowering pitch, etc. */bringing what is external into the
cognizance of the internal. with what energy? nourishment? what liquid
guaranteeing the survival of the mind?/*

sexual/linguistic limits - how the body is collapsed/expanded (see leder
for example) - the body's _jordan surface_ for example, i.e. topology
rendered _diffused_ - exhortations of the plasma. */malnourishment for
example. the skin dry, sloughed. stitched splits in the skin. wounds.

_discomforted_ boundaries - */watching the approach of death. the
discomfiture of the unapproachable. it is our human destination, this
non-absorption, this void always already present, the drive of
incoherency, loss of habitat. the closed eyes, disappearance of species,
of this, the, species, of this language, sheet of assertion. of this

- and as I read this, I could not help thinking - here is the limit-symbol
of the thought, the discrete result, preponderance of diffuse movement-
motion well within the habitus-inhabitation, here it is. */here is
nothing. here is the waiting for apocalypse. hunger, thirst, heat, loom.
here are wars, disease, unimaginable weaponry, terrorisms. here at last is

- and that these symbols are themselves deep within a potential well, mo-
mentarily stable, this is what i am thinking, this is what i was */broken
from the end-point, the was, what you, i, are, speaking and speaking, well
into the night, spoken-for, this last gasp, tremor, prediction, against
which all others are absent, against which disappearing measurement, stop-
ping clock, relativity's errancy/

4 a.m. doctor doctor

doctor doctor listen here.
my work encompasses all realms both diachronic and synchronic.
replete and fecund, annihilistic, nihilistic and vacuous.
courts the birth of death simultaneously the death of birth.
all chiasmus until extinction.
everything resonates with everything and as i have said
i write myself into existence
i write myself out of existence.
everything absorbed only to be readmitted, emitted, transformed.
i am the shattered container of the world and its shattered vessels.
collector of the final names and namelessness.
horder of species otherwise forever amber, lost.
encompassing of everything buttresses a psyche of the ill-conceived.
encyclopedic mathesis of my imaginary and its real.
accountancy and disinterrment of the unaccountable.
useless prevarications, en-compassings of the ten directions.
epistemic systemics transgressing all ontologies.
smeared residual structures presencing our being in the world.
illusory appearances and apparent illusions.
incoherently disordered cabinets of ultimate collectors.
gridded estates of reality and linear potential wells.
shoring up and shoring up the world, the self, mordant attempt
at eternal presencing.
turning against myself equivalent to turning against the world,
they are humans who have troubled us in the first (originary) place.
incandescent fear of personal injury, pain, transgression, authority,
transformed into precise enumeration of universal taxonomies and violence.
continuous seeking of the wonder of such precision and its disengagement.
manic states of constant discovery and miraculous singularities.
everywhere all the time everyone forever and eternal.
voiding nothing and unvoiding nothing instantaneous, timeless.
(the id crashes against the superego, what sparks!


i love the american airforce and its force against air
air doesn't know what to do, there are exciting things
if we stop moving, we'll fall down they say
so they don't fall down, they keep on moving

didn't you hear the chant of refugees
if we stop moving, we'll fall down they say
so they don't fall down, they keep on moving

the american airforce is the refugee of the air
keep it moving, always keep it movin

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