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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 23:33:47 +0000
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Subject: portugese review

hey all,

already there is a review on a portugese site:

i've included the babelfish translation, but i think some nuance has been 
lost :-) it would be nice if someone that actually speaks portugese could 




With date of exit foreseen for 13 of next November, many of us we finally go to be able to know The Songs, the workmanship that marked the estreia in record of Alan Sondheim & Ritual All 770, a flock of musicians that lived and touched in one loft in Providence, Rhode Island. Originally edited for however the deceased Riverboat Records, The Songs was not so known (if thus if it can speak of material that always circulated of hand-in-hand in the ways underground it free bordering jazz and sonorous fields) as others two of Alan Sondheim with the Ritual tribe All 770: RITUAL and T'OTHER LITTLE TUNE, published for Bernard Stollman in the ESP-Disk. Recorded in March of 1967, The Songs started to appear from now on in the lists of better of always of experimental improvised music, for the ousadia that if translated baralhar for complete the borders of improvised music, experimental and contemporary, desacademizando the different musical forms. Obviously dated, the music of Sondheim
   & Ritual All 7-70 it obtains, however, to sound cool and today current. Alan Sondheim touches guitars and acoustics, violin, flute, several other types of instruments of blow, xilofone, saxofone high, shenai, mandolin, koto, c�tara electric, etc. Barry Sugarman touches percussions, tabla, dholak and naquerra; Chris Mattheson, contrabass; Robert Poholek, trompete; Ruth Ann Hutchinson and June Fellows, voices; e J.Z. battery. The Songs is organized under the form of only part with some sequential movements, where the voices, not directed, sing libretto written by Alan Sondheim, intitled "Oratorio on the End of Visions", but that, by any reason not explained, finished for sounding the "Oratorio on the End of Illusions". The music that supports the words was written, but suggested at the moment for the different modulations that the singers went giving to the text, sung of front stops backwards and behind onward, with acentua��o in determined tickets. According to Sondheim, the
   creation freedom was total; the rule of the session, recorded in two takes of that the second version was used to advantage (40 minutes), was only one: not to stifle the sound of the instruments most delicate, nobody more would touch thus that the guitar acoustics or koto sounded.... Important new edition of the Fire Museum Records, S. Francisco, California, carried through from a vinyl record, obtaining to get one reasonable sonorous quality very. Alan Sondheim & Ritual 770 All - The Songs (FM 04).

coming soon! ritual all 770/
alan sondheim- the songs fm-04

fire museum records
p.o. box 591754
san francisco, ca. 94159 u.s.a.

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