The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 18, 2005

new secret what happened to me

prick stick stick stick quicktime sick toothpicks prick sick prick sick
sick prick prick prick sick sick prick sick prick cunt understand found
found found jun around untar arounds cunt cunts lejeune runnels seamount
soundwork unfoldings unhinging around runs running fundamental universe
runs unwanted puns junkie function boundary boundaries boundaries
unperceived wounded universe universe community community background
runaway wounds boundaries unapproachable hunger unimaginable fecund until
accountancy unaccountable universal unvoiding run around Around sound
runic Junior until flunked until volunteered around country around bounced
flunked run around jaundice around hung around under sung country unable
sound June June unsuccessful June Around Around Around unprepared younger
sunlight Sungja punks June drunk function hung community under punk cunt
counterpoint undefined hounded found stunned community launch round lunch
understand accounts around Huntington found June around found cunt cunts
cunt unspoken unspeakable around sound around fundamental grounding
uncanny runnels seamount soundwork underlying united unfoldings unhinging
sun sun sun sun around around around sun sun unsuccessful cunt sunlight
counterpoint unsuccessful cunt cunt sunlight counterpoint unsuccessful
cunt cunt sunlight sunlight counterpoint cunt sunlight cunt unun unun unun

oh hell i'm not fooling anybod

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