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"The loins now take to themselves the bulkiness [which previously was the
characteristic] of the waist; the belly takes possession of the depression
[which previously was the characteristic] of the breasts; the line of hair
on the body [characteristic of the period] runs off with the straightness
of the glances [which then fall into a sidelong habit]. Seeing Cupid newly
inaugurated in the empire of her mind, the members of the fair-browed one,
for the moment, as it were, mutually plunder one another [as people are
wont to do at the commencement of a new reign before the king can ascer-
tain what properly belongs to each]." Sahitya-Darpana (Mirror of Composi-
tion) 99b, by Vis'wanatha Kaviraja, trans. James Ballantyne, Calcutta,

Matt Frantz = electronics / production / electric guitar / electric bass
Alan Sondheim = acoustic guitar
from Unbalanced, Grand Central Art Center, late August, 2005

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