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[Plusplustaptap hardly redistributed]

[here is where the referent is place
.avi stripped modulated reduced to the
sheer digital moment]

[here is where the theory is inserted]

[here is where the Sahitya-Darpana quote is inserted "Self-disparagement,
Flurry, Depression, Weariness, Intoxication, Stupefaction, Sternness,
Distraction, Awaking, Dreaming, Dementedness, Arrogance, Death, Indolence,
Impatience of opposition, Drowsiness, Dissembling, Longing, Derangement,
Apprehension, Recollection, Resolve, Sickness, Alarm, Shame, Joy, Intol-
erance of another's superiority, Despondency, Equanimity, Unsteadiness,
Debility, Painful Reflection, and Debate."

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