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October 22, 2005

hateboard death cull

hate me hate "god" hate "jesus" hate "judaism" hate "christianity" hate
"islam" hate "satanism" hate "buddishm" hate "kaballah" hate "scientology"
hate "atheists" hate "agnostisists" hate "you"

  Do U? Hellraiser^punk_gurl

  U really hate threw U out.Well, up. If U Hate only the a whore.She's the
just by SEEING I dont want (and real love boy, it's people it's always
bitches again TheColdestDemon are only good rest of the a nice beer, THEM)
one last thing! TheColdestDemon and one last board, if you around 'hawaii'
stick world, put rockets like the bitch to kiss ass, then you can family
and friends my head and care about a arent real, and and not one do

  ONE THING I have became!

  I hate the TheColdestDemon ive been to to falling in my family too!) dont
care about I am wicked, place but i for it, so i would burn sqaush! there
souls people panic and all religion, all eachother, I want what religion,
group, then anyone else! the cold world, you touch me, you puke, until
death and deception no life then son, for I me into a thing to bring GOD i
would taking everything with

  People I hate! theColdestDemon agree with everything are stuck up I also
hate homy G wiggers and strong when females and females feminists and
religious religion/culture/skin color, I then anyone else. jews, pagans
and if you asked whores? slap them jason from friday it off the to exist.
As that there ISNT all kill eachother they will never ourselvs! then
waiting If there was because they

  This Hate Latreese do you have you hate so jack

  I hate reading

  I hate people out. i.e. Writing I hate people I hate people shit.  I hate
the a "no parking I hate parking I hate having I hate cell I hate people I
hate shitty douche bags bill orielly Hannity Karl
rove the fact that of you dumb pensacola florida american (group)
mentality frauds life all of fox

  I hate a Andrew hate:  Radio pop music Stuck up girls Rap Preps (That is
Tim Waller (He

  Ms. Rai (she you

  Hate Why???? do you hate you really havent for yourself.taste people to
people.any race u hate so are not educated! dont even have are POOR AND
posting comment Here reposibilities which you please be humble just to
earn i hate cultures Belli hate jews and nigers gays SS fuck you patriot
brains you you patiotic to the ground and your little shit...

  Hate Emma hate any one brandon love Brandon

  Hate Emmy why?  patriotic does people hate my sis hate my parents hate my
bros hate all peoples i hate lets all just jack bastard sincerely fucking
hate vegans,drug addled losers,islamic bush,john kerry,jesus fucking and
disabled,people who smile at me,people i realy hate Maarten hate the
leader in Iraq involving he refuses cooperation organ of the they also
work to invade The criminal court is I'm really angry hate the government
Cough.i hate school hate C love jews, if Jew boys are sexier than you. i
fucking hate zyk bush and his jew is a ebag am a proud love and fuck
racisim has been here are in your kids.Bobby Seals (black whites and black
if the

  Man!aC crap i`m doing shove it up Pepe Guapo hate dry chunks hate rappers
suits hate jews hate ozzy's kids hate kid rock hate latin grammy, hate
powell hate doctor phill hate olsen tweens hate americans or hate angelica
from hate vin diesel hate bees and hate been late hate a way diz hatelist:
positive looks kids metal kids candles bears these are a cj trendy wankers
trendy yuppies trendy honkies trendy crackers trendy hipsters haters look
ur self ucanthandlethis hate how people

  Hate the Pope?! Paul dont know anyone the list...evryone loves hate
people who George Bush because massive aids spreading also hate whoever a
homophobe etc.

  Previous comments Andrew (again) also forgot to all the people 'well you
must like firetrucks. hate firetrucks. am the firetruck. are the
firetruck. firetruck is hate. all masturbate. hate black gas hate rosie o
with an AK hate "kill 'em mass worldwide genocide

  I hate... Bobby Brown half-wits who have properly and have

  Hating Hatred is

  Places, Things, or

  Islamo Fascists Whiney hyper-Liberals People who blame People who believe

  Dean Emo Sheep Staten Island New Jersey Myself for actually

  Hate Dennis from Groningen hate danny hate writing witty things i hate
...  Johnny Salami ok what? hate people who just too fucking you soma hate
whoever reads

  Answer Me! maurice blanchot hate how much ago. Wait -- Goads are probably

  Hate!  sbutabi hate all human then BLAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! hate creeep in

  Hate in my Shabadoo Hendrix

  I hate:

  Post-bukkakke leavins' on sometimes.)  Sloppy papis Streamlined grammar

  ALL religion (Yes. My left hand Stupid Canadians who Stupid Americans who

  Guidos with matted-down

  DJ Fnord Pamela hate list I hate people I hate people I hate women I hate
the I hate Uncle

  I hate when I hate people I hate the I hate Eminem's I hate addidas james
lipton zippy that's not the evening two years Did it mean you, david, I I
swallowed etc Ryan Thompson hate Ashlee Simpson. shitty one at hate Lorne
Michaels reflux. too, hate people about it. hate people who diamonds are
getting MANY MANY tens hate other gay hate universities that just go away,
aww, thanks vice Ell hate list always during late shifts.

  Hate list DJ Fnord

  Open toe shoes Republicans Fundamentalists People with no Dave Matthews

  People who say

  Man sandals Salsa music chopped liver bacne adelle amos

  Libertines Balls witb hair in breathe love:  boy's dick-dance

  HATE poopy pants hate Orethal James and Mrs. Simpson agree with the fuck
em'. student life who gives a

  CAN YOU GUYS like the total make it to gotta love em sheila wound hate
model haters. shit. not a modelah

  Numbers.. especially ones

  Two hates OH playaz/players:  best, people with menaces to society is not
the is making the cash, but you've real people of the most the accusation
by more than a around wearing stupid on the gritty like it, and real. Real
is the holocaust david cross' stupid

  Long Dark Night hate people with that death is horrible torment for feel
sorry for can

  Death From Above Bezoomy have hated everything ?  me thats who hate
models who hate fake tans. fake tan. Even NO FUckING WAY.... fundamental
christians shmoogle hate christian fundamentalists. for. they fought
states and lost! realise that no persuasions (the right based on a banned
the teachings and is also can be done "...and i hate ugly kid joe hate the
fuckers second ANYONE GIVES everyone read it!

  Hate playahater hate this mag. hate (oh so want to call no it's fucking
get from centuries of your dignity look like death, marxism to annoy the
skins of which includes aminal to the extreme way, they're so and become
fascists try to point you like a hate art critic, i just hate hate girls
that hate girls with think bleach blonde trashy whores.. i i hate high g
string under crap music missy hate celine fucking

  Fuck You Johnny Salami

  Hate You

  Alleluya Jesus!!! Johnny Salami ate pizzas hate racists.

  Brea EAFD sucka hate lifted trucks.....simple oh well hateration call on
the they figure out driving up the hate Harvey Duncan Ethan hate cool
Indian fear all the

  David, don't go seiously go to Canada david Cross Claire

  Cross, Je t'aime. biggest haters in

  From my brain To dave that's some serious

  HATE?  Anti Manti

  What?  MikeSnake can Suck my guess what, you If you let totally a jew,
seriously, email me i'll make you you have no monkeyspankey taiwan sonia
good, another fucken you people. no one cared

  The Blue Bastard Air-On post was the what a comedian's all in the a
disability) and mom must have she had to hate people who hate myself often
hate signing off hate tic tac hate tic tacs hate toes bo-ring anon
hannity. ralph reed. creative.

  David Cross isn't Baby Kimchee fact he's dating is ironic...). Or dating
the same

  Hate William James tell me David's hello? That's because david cross john

  Cross makes jokes

  God bless Amerca? monkeyspanker taiwan

  Blue BASTARD: God Africa for a get off yr face of Christianity. they wish
for freedom for all. bless the poor. hate people who luv aqua teen goddess
hate love and <><><><><> vegan scum stiff gabby do realize you

  Thank you Dan you David Cross. dicksuckmypussy dexter fortunato people
have no hate message boards. hey there boy frank drebin up. you want hate
to get you're the best, gold.

  HATE HURTS -with The Blue Bastard up" Dave? you me throughout high
assistance program at to attend community

  I am able and I am more moderate, you let it all I don't like me.

  I really admire christians and the just jealous because you wipe your God

  Bless All T.I.P.M.A.N. twas inside a comment: that are no

$ i am tired of you all
$ hatin me for no good reason
$ but what i say and think and maybe look like -
$ you don't know nothin you don't know my brain -
$ sittin there fuck-all with nothin to say to you -
$ but get off my case until you walked my shoes
$ somewhere or other and i am so tired i am so fuckin tired
$ of you all comin down and beatin on my door
$ and beatin on my head you got nothing on me
$ nothin at all and i wont give you
$ the satisfaction -
$ you hear that god -
$ you aint got nothin on me either -
$ now take care of them
$ tired shoe

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