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father of evil

don't blame the father for the sins of the young. my father ensured i
would never get over my father. my father screamed at me constantly. could
i win with my father. i never could win with my father. my father ensured
that. my father ensured i would never challenge my father. the screaming
of my father ensured i would never have a world without screaming. the
nightmare of my father ensured i would never have a night without
nightmares. the violence of my father was only the language of my father.
the language of my father ensured the violence of language. i will take
language apart and there will be no violence. i will challenge language
and there will be no father. my father will write this and my father will
ensure my father will write this. my father ensures that my broken
language will scream at my broken language. my father ensures that i will
always sin against my father. i will always sin against my father. my
father battered my mind until my father was my mind battered by my father.
my father makes me ill. my father fills me with hatred. my father ensures
i will die hating my father and hating my mind.

"In like manner tear sheddings, &c. are held to come from the mind's being
melted [--not pained--]." (Sahitya-Darpana.)

how to reduce a human being to an artist

the litany

"don't sins
blame of
sins ensured
young. blame
ensured for
i would father.
never my
over screamed
father. me
screamed would
at never
win win
with with
that. i
challenge screaming
without father
screaming. ensured
nightmare ensured
night my
nightmares. father
violence only
was my
only father.
language the
language. language
will my
apart be
and no
there violence.
be will
no challenge
violence. language
write there
this will
ensure write
this. that
ensures ensure
that my
always i
sin will
against always
battered was
mind mind
until battered
by mind
makes me
ill. hatred.
fills ensures
hatred. makes
die my
hating father

i will see my father dead.

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