The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

tonight every vowel is a you,
i'm looking out the window at a vowel

it is your vowel, and you are there,
at least there is light in your window

our friends do not see that light
we are abandoned by the alphabet

z, x, y, have you no shame
i have made new work to show you

wonderful videos without sound or text
texts without sound or light

sound without image or text
everything is blind somewhere

everyone is somewhat blind
glassesless i am eyeless, bonked

against glass on this cold night,
where you have taken vowels for a cold dark spin


tonight every vowel tonight is every a vowel
you, is

i'm i'm looking looking out out the the window window at at it it
your your vowel, vowel, and and you you are are there, there,

least least there there light light in in our friends our do friends
not do see not that see we abandoned we by are alphabet by z, x, z, y, x,

have y, no you shame no
i i made made new new work work to to show show

wonderful videos without wonderful sound videos or without text
sound texts image everything blind somewhere

everyone somewhat glassesless am eyeless, glassesless bonked
i against glass on against this glass cold on night, this

where have taken for vowels a for cold dark where spin yo

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