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November 16, 2005

so many s3qu3nc3s
n3v3r 3nhanc3d always raw mat3rials
transform3d by w3cam's narrow bandwidth
fascination's not in sp33dup or find-and-s33k
but in th3 world w3'r3 in and its anonymous manif3stations
- which always promis3 d3l3ctabl3 stori3s just outsid3 compr3h3nsion

annoying th3s3 m3m3ntos and squalid th3s3 sp3d-symbolics
of th3 world nothing moving in th3 narrow world

wond3r and b3auty y3s and what what 3ls3
s3cr3t lif3 of human groundlings
s33ing th3s3 japan and fuji mountain
coming buddha not my coming buddha

in depth

own gm thy said cars in th us, get killed and bomb thm up thir true of
an intersection point may contain twice as many bits of precision as of
course energy may be reassigned, as may waiting, looking, seeing, of
existents fall under th aegis of epistemology. of my antenna in th air
of my fathr ensured i would never have a world without screaming. th of
situation does not cohere in any language. wand of th world nothing moving
in th narrow world of, in fact, participants in a depth-ontology of th
world. this is silly but in reverse abstraction returns oklahoma !d k!l !n
oklahoma old things to new things to old things and old things never bear
repeating on halloween but sometime when thy are very happy on th othr
hand, th impulse itself, that loss among water, only fathr. only
signifiers, mediators, are observed. only that i'm hearing new things or
separate for that matter. or slide-rule, with th real, we look. organ
suck, original source brooklyn rooftop modified antennas othr than time-
stretch and minor audio modification, very little was our friends do not
see that light out on a limb that truncates into nothing out, performance,
of thir duties. thy are assigned duties.

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