The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 18, 2005

when it comes time to believe
in jesus christ our lord and saviour
i will be the first to believe

but until that day
i will tear his bloody body limb from limb
eat his bloody brain his bloody living heart
his bloody eyes his spurting bloody prick
shove it up the hole of god kwak kwak
kwak kwak kwak kwak kwak


hello i am typing this out by hand out on a pda ,
the trembles are upon me again and it's best not
to read too much , i am using my index finger
already in pain , my headache the result of
inordinate sadness , blindness becomes me , this
is the blindness of time , i am lost in the
present , presence a 'threat to disappear' ,
there is ab nihilo a priori no time , not enough
for the telling , consider this a nighttime call
crawl of rape , twice i have heard this , the
room is cooling , i type tap tap tap , my cane
finger tensed always with the inertia of letters
past , hello hello in these dark times , in these
dark times , the anguish of words , in the dark i
hear them , all these protocols , technologies ,
i am the maw of the machine , now 'i will have
written this' , on television 'fire-bombed family
burned out'

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