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damned takes

collect them all while they're free. the mp3 announced again. a cd is in
the works. description:

t-love tail- takemycarshome-suck cutmplum-suck

    "As you wander through this monastery of perfect enlightenment and take
the language of my father ensured the violence of language. i will take
take where you have taken vowels for a cold dark spin where have taken for
vowels a for cold dark where spin you it's like repetitive dreaming, over
and over again, but nothing _takes._ We take care of our girls in very
proper style. Soon we will take care of you. presumably indefinitely. On
the other hand, take sin(tan(x)) as x four takes on chordata.

since, surely, sound is no, never actually, take away the right youll put
your faith in that rag THEY SAID their lies, to say bomb and you take away
the mcluhan bombing, THEY SAID kill me! theyll take THEY SAID what
amerikka, or. >amerikkkans, dont mistaken. Code ruptures, loosens
meaning; it might be language wounded, result of things being... taken as
far as possible, away from everything this stuff is all on the INTERNET -
close your eyes and I'll have taken it t lv ta!l takemykarshome tzu-k
kutmplum tzu-k

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