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self-pity leads to run on sentences

maybe listen and don't read yes yes i do think that's the best thing to do
i won't be able to work forever the sound here is beautiful i used a
guitar preamp with antenna and then raised the pitch modified the pitch
played around with coupling today i
gnashed and wept i have no job and no future i am supposed to have
accomplished everything by now i should be retired by now my country is at
war my country is not my country and my family is not my family there are
these twitches inside my brain perhaps i will have a stroke i will not be
awake for the stroke i have insomnia i will be awake and will not know i
am awake perhaps this is the last message ever or the last message that
makes any sort of sense it isn't joblessness isn't helped by depression
isn't helped by joblessness i've saved lot of animals karma never returns
buddha's just another bone i do mean just weeping and wailing and gnashing
is of no use to anyone bye bye hello it's me again i'm feeling much better
thanks now give me some money i am an artist whore don't look at me look
at my pretty pictures i do so pretty pictures yes indeed i do is a pretty picture in sound yes
indeed a pretty picture in sound i'll spare you theory theory my theory
theory too

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