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December 5, 2005


Charlie's travels on the way thru death
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the light which is not the light

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the difficulty of opening the door
the cold which is the beginning of cold

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Charlie's image of writing
the dusk of writing dusk

We belong to a number of animal rights/conservation organizations. Now the
Nigerian spam has taken a Ukrainian trans-species twist:


About the Ukrainian National Animal Welfare Foundation (UANAWF):

Mission Statement:

     To promote a caring Ukrainian society through creating awareness and a
balanced approach to animal welfare for the well being of animal and

Tag Line:

     Love All Life

Aims and Objectives:

    1. To generate awareness and responsibility of all residents in Ukraine
on animal welfare as part of the policy towards the creation of a caring
Ukrainian society.
    2. To develop strategies and programmes to promote animal welfare
through the UNAW Council (under the patronage of the Minister of
Agriculture), public agencies, institutions, private bodies and
    3. To undertake projects that will promote understanding and the
practices of animal welfare as part of daily life of residents in Ukraine.
    4. To disseminate information on animal welfare through various media
to the public, schools, community centres and other target groups.
    5. To collect and generate funds to undertake animal welfare projects.
    6. To undertake any other activities related to animal welfare.
    7. To establish linkages with other institutions and organisations,
locally and internationally in matters associated with animal welfare.

We are searching new staff to join our company as financial operations
manager. Obligation of the manager is processing payments from our patrons
with daily inspection. That means that you are an authorized person to
receive money transfers to your bank account. Money that employee will
receive should be send to Ukraine immediately via: Western Union or Money

We just can't wait weeks to receive money via international bank

If you are interested in this vacancy, send your Resume by email to:
[i will take all your money forthwith]

Hope to hear from you soon.

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