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summary of empty tutu

sur les pointes d'avignon i will dance and fall off my tiny little bridge
- whiskey on the table, god it's as if you can't dance another step.

what's a ballet dancer, and when you lift your leg everyone has a look.

(pause) in the dance i'm being prepared to marry, a bride just before the
  everything i'm the best at!
(nikuko) i'll dance the best dance of your career.
(intense, louder) i'll dance fiercely, intensely, the heavens will sway!
(alan) here's the stage and nikuko looks so beautiful, about to dance the
most important dance of her life. sure enough, god is in the audience,

in the money, god's there, front row center. nikuko's beginning her dance.
you, please save me, look, i'll dance the grand battement with perfection
for you, i'll dance for you naked, i'll dance for you with tutu and
slippers, i'll dance with god himself, you'll be my god, ambassador,
you with me and you'll live in a fine house with me and dance and drink!

(dance ends) and we are very happy, more than almost any people in the

the russian ballet dancer nikuko states her case:

i am nikuko, i am a ballet dancer. i wear a lovely tutu and i love to rise
it for the evening, doctor. I will dance for you and no one else.

the doctor removes his pince-nez. The doctor puts down his cane.

<Julu> As long as Nikuko remains the beautiful Russian ballet dancer, her
stiff tutu
16:13 Nikuko and Doctor Leopold Konninger, both fully dressed, dance
33:17 Three still dance shots bring this dance to a halt
54:40 Nikuko dances strangely by herself on the right-hand side of the
  screen while the Male Ballet Dancer in an odd outfit dances before her

then the russian ballet dancer nikuko states her case:

i am nikuko, i am a ballet dancer. i wear a lovely tutu and i love to rise
obsessive delight of tutu.

status: Doctor Leopold Konninger is obsessed by the ballet dancer Nikuko.
         Russian ballet dancer Nikuko dancer solely for him in her tutu.

the ballet dancer and her cabrioles. Nikuko is stunning in a lavender tutu
and "Last night I dreamed of famous Russian ballet dancer Nikuko still
slowly pirouette stiff tutu" said Doctor Leopold Konninger; Nikuko, the
"famous Russian ballet dancer" -

Nikuko, the beautiful Russian ballet dancer, pirouetting before the very
doctor danced for 262255 hours!

the beautiful russian ballet dancer who is winding the universe around her

I want the dance to go dance, my dreaming, waiting for time to
  i'm naked, i dance clumsily for nikuko, my cock turns uselessly, my lips
   grabbed by nikuko the beautiful russian ballet dancer, twisted,
   russian ballet dancer are shredding before us -

   beautiful russian ballet dancer sits naked on the doctor and
they will, appear on screen, they might do a dance or two or a trick or
a dance or two.

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