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December 12, 2005

distillation of future dear, aim

fear censorship (something country, alas!), order duties pursuant 
full-time without ability, directly, appreciate following excellent 
questions posed, best general theme direction future committees nowadays 
best, designed fly holdfast media/information flow. format, tenure 
committee, tenure, future, literature. please excuse appear, perhaps 
disappear transform aol excepted, familiar command-line gaming, 1995, 
worlds changed; mechanics, performativity, depends 'writing.' per se 
environments past significant historic comparing practices 1995 2005, 
adjournment. extent. line shells (today, linux shells). sense bone, 
literally, sending email, emacs vi editors, everyone using,, 
enter command 'who' itself; (as now) shell though rarely hear people. 
background, shared. network. gui, graphic interfaces, well- uses). today, 
usually undercurrent, called 'darknet' (before term users onto decade 
shielded today started dumping, aol, million protocols invisible, (the 
full number commands 1800). code over-designed. editor granted appliance, 
mac appliance-oriented moved graphics dynamisms, 'under hood' approach pc. 
javascript dynamic html general, beyond flash, towards java broadband; 
doing fascinating everywhere. countries millions artists. daily, hours, 
way), quantity, must tens means connected lies demographics; actors script 
perfect engines directly avatars create narrative experimental film good 
young age, modifying programs, interesting people, encodings. games 
machinima, collocation allows bare-bones gui programmatic level. 
counter-movement defined (paralleling, ny gallery system), you. 'net art' 
category gone; dealing massive social creativity. operating system; days 
'mac versus pc' linux, over. leap system learn whenever wherever speak. 
this/these development(s) influenced artistic incredibly supple, explore, 
easy program, unix shells, because they're bare-bones, fast, come along. 
lot audiomulch, motion-capture can, audio/video/etc. creates soundworks 
'granular synthesis' form particulating aural dimension, literally grains 
sound, particles, writing/sounding/visualizing; mix, tools this. care 
whether interface fun exciting discontinuous. program runs winxp, 
sound-waves. results fast wildly monitors, transducers (specialized 
speakers microphones) show coming los angeles, busy collecting cross- 
application, cross-platform, cross-technology, cross-output devices. find; 
run appear neural characterise support level, metaphorically. all, money; 
equipment junkie reaction writing(s), practice particular? upgrading; 
probably half real problems data management. terabyte finished 
considerable backup involved; peripheral support; salaried, stipends, 
like. around. can't employment, get conference unable classify exactly do, 
somewhat anti-authoritarian personality result departments; haven't lucky, 
partly computer modern artists managed jobs health-care mediocre, father, 
i'd none. fitting in, already established genres/disciplines. above? role 
played facilitating touch gave era demise). put (which related 
answer; turned practice? diary form, explored before. core programmers; 
allowed extended 'meet' limits started, decades phenomenology analog each 
long impervious; would developed manner question, institution currently 
resulting series articles pieces. facilitated hindered indicated driven 
it, provided managements, group. sea change; demographics, 
micro-institutions micro- me, panix did well, visual gathering comes 
together, later dispersing, flash mobs) 'intensification,' taz (hakim 
bey's 'temporary autonomous zone,' loose school melange; 'movements' part 
google, words, roiling databases group peers. riding knowledge management; 
manifestos, blind anyone small developments reactions identified having 
implosion terms human/cultural subjectivity, moving difficulty prediction 
case. explosion answers. courses futurology, am aware trying avoid 
responsibility, ethical metaphysical, lasting upon literature & wider 
culture century? predictions. years ago, push tech- nologies rage; hears 
them point. dominate planet? mass slated well? violent wars when 'wider 
culture,' five billion educated classes industrialized nations, least 
talking relatively secure (for moment) enclave kill within, say, next 
fifty years? loss here. earlier models permit freedom expression. radio, 
kinds were hacking everything got absorbed corporate bandwidth concerns. 
money receivers, transmission do-it-yourself phenomenon, until thing; 
reason vulnerable attack, then shell-driven darknet, powers-that-be 
clamped down. disappeared part, text-based moos whole cultures newsgroup 
worm 1988 among changed before meant completely secure; wasn't reason. 
morris humans, may well last), occur same true now; beginning century 
(which, qualitatively make comparison useless. weren't recognized time, 
scale/scope thing darknet find predecessors, muds disappeared. grid 
information born, bomb, flu epidemic hit, computers, net, ning, radio 
stage, wwi, wwii, atomic power, field. (look 1905 air travel begin- 
working special relativity, our view cosmos was seemed eternal, quantum 
theory unknown, einstein matter, communism hadn't taken hold, planet's 
flora fauna impact be, direction. certainly art, literature, culture, 21st 
century. idea question yes, major classical, spite minor disturbing 
anomalies.) is, sustain (mostly human) life remember isn't). we're 
approaching carrying-capacity foregrounded; smaller (we things. expect 
religious fundamentalisms increasing population levels. this, anything, 
effect salvation appears corner. how arts react rise popularity violence; 
humans desperate, this? constitute class mob) workers? know things change, 
don't how. need heavy cutbacks here), enormous inertia species: two 
forces: ensuing chaos (j.g. ballard prescient model happening change that. 
people live habitus; 'everyone' united states do motto more less 'not back 
yard' (nimby) goes recognizes megafauna disappearing, close industrial 
emissions/pollution, contemporary fulfill made explain lot. sure claims 
are. concept 'new media' writing' during course last decade? signs 
posters!) overcoming. far longer phrase; always carry standard book/page? 
judging replaced. temporary print hand marks being-read, owner owner; 
there's no indication ground, hardly. physical book object carries e-books 
book? unless electronic really off also issue authority/authorization; 
magazines, handouts, etc., opposite true; offline used platform rapidly 
newspaper readership going down quickly, while rising. newspapers, 
viewpoints (not wikipedia seems experiencing growing pains biased innuendo 
prevalent just quoted by conservative talk-show hosts. imagine rumour 
viewpoint). so... replace old? no. augment versa? definitely. news sources 
themselves, particularly often neutrality ideological becoming 
increasingly 'media' are? absolutely blogs media? particular technologies 
immersive game couches? moos? games? tcp/ip protocol stack running net 
part? minds beholders/users, who subscribe, discern where 'medium' ends 
begins; definitions senses word, outlets their community, them, however 
briefly, tenuously; remain available refer your list discussion topics, 
commenting communality, creative expressions. continued employment 
institution: institutions west virginia university's center (if remains 
category) difficult time it. universities, houses, design companies. 
independent institutional settings primarily literary computing, generous 
granting archival/presentation advantages ability gives statistics 
concerning distribution space writers. case, wvu commercial host; nothing 
computer, home, local web page even ftp site; you still develop audience. 
academia hypertext. forgive me cynical response i'll go crazy yet another 
paper exigencies ground produced entirely academy. both value code- 
experimental- work breaking production, actually march streets. 
politically engaged (or feel oneself engaged) never involves being online; 
it's easier ideal academic theorizing, presentations, almost within 
english department that's something else again, aren't if you're speaking 
strategies ginsberg whomever 'development strategies.' topic bit 
frightening me; say blake rimbaud art policies development attend leveler 
regard, barrier, since few independents afford emailpedagogical issue. 
answer briefly: production.2. immediate possessing adequate software 
image/lists.1. personal online production websites, blogs, wikis, 
off-campus.text/video/sound audience unfortunately mostly directly.5. 
visiting artist programs give students speak4. exposure many sites 
possible.3. access much possible computers academics). look different 
videophones, pagers, text economies at carrier usage, home broadband 
dial-up terminals, messaging, internet relay chat, old cuseeme, instant 
economics bandwidth, political economy, dispersion performing venues, 
brings nothing. third (i've extremely difficult; outside teaching thousand 
times larger. second simply making living, taught should under 30k size; 
sometimes 30m, quicktime video/audio files playing simultaneously, had buy 
above) again technology. own performances require twelve historical 
context writing(s): opens up laptop handle these. wouldn't bother looking 
origin; theorized originating film; writing; books; technology; relate 
vis-a-vis 'historical context.' i've see worms (i like worms). roots sort 
inscription too instead talk about discourse networks, collocation, heap, 
which relies performativity language (i.e. work. interpenetrating 
discursive active interaction user technology), myself, tend emphasize 
ruptures over flows formations, 'epigenetic landscapes,' so forth. 
reductionism doesn't breaks past. sense, history gets way; think 
(production largely micro-situational: what works here, now, its main use 
might (re)consideration aesthetic criteria. relation such-and-such tools, 
potential audiences, etc.) former embedded latter, vice versa. * 
relationship between writing(s) digital arts: concerned symbolic 
inscription, graphemes, written spoken language, latter can anything. 
overlap numerous ways. conclusion: one hand, isn't any. very tenor/tenure 
my any remark theory-embedded) emphasizes deep inexplication remarks above 
(and they remarks, theoretical explication, although media, writing, 
writing. i'm arguing anything primordial that, ongoing slaughters etc. 
occurring on technologies, predictions become highly problematic. caught 
available, given fast-forward changing human demographics planet earth, 
limited energy life-sustaining resources view, extinctions engendering 
greater than those midst flux barely understand; for example, ecological 
point world-wide communities communalities. created these communications 
network has ever known, first waves precambrian 'age dinosaurs). greatest 
reach out other, witness participate in multiculturalisms most fragile 
devices, redundancy notwithstanding. we opportunity such great degree that 
other ourselves. writing style. a way electronically witnessing world, 
creating contributes this; it does stand alone cultural manifestation 
recreating world. an early and important example of community. writers new 
media practitioners have been brought together from world - not extent the 
trace community is now dispersed or dispersing; this only online, but 
through incubation conferences as well. some case with all networked 
communities, believe. are archives. i hope there will be someone around to 
read them. ==

The Stanley Williams decision comes in the midst of text production:

Tom, I say, into the phone, are you there? Are you there, Tom? Pick up,
Tom. If you're not there, Tom, you won't pick up, and you won't get this
message. I might then leave any message, Tom, it would make no difference.
Not even differance. You cannot bend to my will, you do not know my will,
you are not present to listen to this message. Or you are listening on
playback, and I am not present. Either I am not present or you are not
present; in either case, time is transitive, but hopeless. It is the
hopelessness of time that occasions this message, this message for you to
pick up. I am speaking to the unhearable, just as you are listening to the

Where are Janice and Maria? Janice and Maria should be here, this is the
last class, this is an extremely important class. In this class you will
learn, a. the reason for the class in its entirety, and b. your grade in
relation to the reason and your participation in the class. I am
disappointed in this class, no, not in your presence, but in the absence
of Janice and Maria, and for that matter, the absence of Tom as well. You
will be marked down if you do not come to class. You have not been in
class for the past several weeks, and may not be taking this class for all
I know, any longer. I know I'm speaking to those of you who are present,
but what else might I do? I can hardly speak to those who are absent, who
are unlistening, not even to the rumor of my speaking; they are nowhere to
be found.

Pseudomainia: The mania of false hands. 10,000 PseudoMainiacs: The mania
of false bands. False hands play in false bands; I listen to neither of
them. To be precise, I do not listen to hands in any case, but to bands,
to what the hands, more precisely, the fingers, accomplish in relation to
the bands, or rather within the bands, what the bands desire to accomplish
in their entirety, to which I am both subject and object.

The governor of California has just denied clemency to Stanley Williams,
an unbelievably inhumane decision. We are living in one of the most
racist, polluting countries on earth. I hope there are riots. I hope the
governor's mansion is burned down. I hope the governor is burned down.
There is no justice in AmeriKKKa. Poor Arnold says this is one of the
hardest decisions he has had to make. He is present for the decision. He
stays alive. His stupid grin is present for the decision. His stupid grin
will stay alive. His righteous muscles tense for the righteous decision.
His cock is hard. It stays alive. Bind it. Blind it.

design process

allegory = sun + moon
          = son + daughter

mother father daughter son
comet planet sun star moon

allegory = star = allegory

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