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December 13, 2005

Notes on DanceDesign

{{the projective} {}

{Image 1: mobile screen, shallow stage or variable stage. later this will
develop into the piston-image. there are three performers. the screen is
above the stage and tilted. it's rather shaky.

Image 2: sideview. the mobile screen is constructed from cloth. if lowered
it might occlude or even block the live performers. two performers are
visible. the piston is at the back of the stage. the whole ensemble is a
deliberate mess. one can imagine the dancers somewhat uncertain of their
projected appearance.

Image 3: from above. the stage opens down on the page. the piston is in
back. the dancer and the image are: dancer <--> image, or identical. mixed

Image 4: D () A: dancer{}digital{{}}avatar{}analog. D,A projections. the
stage has disappeared, replaced by ontology. the ontology is doing what.
the mess (intermingling of states/processes) becomes evident.

Image 5: D(particle){{}}(wave)A. projection of dancer/digital interference
with embodiment of avatar/analog. 'project/embody.' 'embodiment project.'
wave loosely coupled with analog/substance, particle loosely coupled with

Image 6: <<dance|culture>|audience|<avatar|nature>>. dance does not return
to culture, avatar does not return to nature. audience claps for dancers.
dancers clap for audience. audience bows to avatars. avatars bow to
audience. the encoding of the audience: dancer/avatar split. neither state
nor process, neither before nor after.

Image 7: dancer (left) on messy screen {} avatar (right) on stage carrying
screen. projector projecting dancer. independent (non-projected) avatar.
how did we get here. illuminate all: nothing to be held in darkness.
secrecy trembles before the projector () projection.

Image 8: everything = projector. the projection projects the projector.
the projection projects everything. meaning is (a) projection (a) project
back into thing (projector) thing (projection). epistemology occludes
ontology occludes epistemology. white letters on black screen () black
letters on white screen. projection is a process () of equivalence.

Image 9: the projection below (prior to) the projector. projection and
projector on stage. blue sky below red sky above. or somewhat red above {}
somewhat blue below. in-between: the white zone. everything moves in the
white zone.

Image 10: the sun is night. night is below. stars like dancers are below.
the night is black below. the thin yellow line: earth and all culture from
the beginning of organic life in the cosmos. above the night: green earth
{} dancers upside-down (head downward). dancers like stars. but they are
not stars, not even stars-of-dance, nor are they star-like. they are ()
nothing other than above night against perhaps periphyton or stromatolitic
(lithic) surface. this is not (the) dance. the dance is theater-bound. by
which is meant this is not (even) for example a background, for example

Image 11: return to (Image) 9. projector and projection: root directories.
white zone = yellow zone (illumination). language = corrosion. dancers
(messy suture / unhealing wound) stretched among ontologies. what are
projects/projections. absent projector (by which is meant the projector is
other than the two-dimensional image surface. projector = voiceover = god.
god is a project. the sun {between} projector () projection. this is the
curtain(s) for the project(ion). ion-project: growth of which the theater
{} dance is residue. everyone = frame. 3:05 - 3:39 a.m.} {}
{ }}

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