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Why We Love George Bush

George Bush is a strong man and always says what he means.
He speaks simply to the common people who understand him.
We know that every word he says is a dagger to the intellectual.
Those people would stop us reading the Bible and take God away.
God helps George Bush fight those people.
He clarifies things in a world that only seems complex.
He doesn't use all those words that don't mean anything anyway.
He asks us to stay the course and we're his men for the job.
If you ask me he was lucky to get out of military service.
He's a deeply religious man and God leads our destiny.
He'll never back down to any of those countries in Europe.
He has a loving wife and two incredibly sexy daughters.
He's got to keep those daughters of his under wraps.
George Bush can fail just like the rest of us.
But he finds greatness in every man and we find greatness in him.
He's turned his back on that Yale education of his.
He's come back to the land and understands how wealthy it is.
He knows the animals were put on God's green earth just for us.
He's an oil man and we'd all be oil men if we could.
George Bush listens to the preachers not the professors.
He prays ever day for the nation to stay on the path of righteousness.
George Bush is a tough man who never listens to the polls.
George Bush can spot a liberal or a homosexual when he sees one.
He is our man in the White house.
He has gone a long way to giving colored people their place in government.
We'd love to have a beer with George Bush and talk about everything.
George Bush is really one of us.
He really loves sports and hunting and fishing and doesn't forget to pray.
George Bush is the first President really love.
He doesn't forget that his nation was forged by Christ under God.
He doesn't forget every newborn child.
He sticks it to the rest of the world.
George Bush understands that you have to attack Godless evolution.
He knows what sorts of dirty stuff the kids are learning in school.
He knows just how bad the Jews are.
He stays away from the Jew media and then gives it to them.
George Bush says America First to the rest of the world.
He's going to bring Freedom to dictators everywhere.
George Bush is so successful in Iraq people don't see it.
Because of him our children are fulfilling their destiny.
Bringing God and Freedom to the whole wide world is really wonderful.
George Bush has really given it to Al Qaeda.
He knows those people should be tortured and he tortures them.
He'll say what he has to say but then he tortures them.
He's probably tortured them himself just to get the information.
George Bush knows that freedom comes at a cost.
Look how well he has handled New York City after the planes hit.
People in New York City think he loves them.
George Bush secretly hates New York City but he doesn't tell anyone.
He is a true Born-Again who follows the Righteousness of his Faith.
God tells George Bush to slay the pagans and he does.
He is the most courageous President we have ever had.
He will do what God not man tells him to do.
George Bush would get down on his knees and pray with us.
He has the sexiest greatest daughters in the world.
George Bush has the perfect family with problems like our own.
We can tell that he likes laying back with a beer now and then.
If George Bush wasn't President he'd be down at the local bar with us.
You know he talks our talk and walks our walk.
He could fail at everything but he can't fail at being President.
He understands that God has created the greatest nation on earth.
George Bush won't let the white people down.
He knows that the white people came here first.
He knows the white people are the real Americans.
George Bush knows that a woman belongs in the home with her children.
With George Bush you could play cards and he might even cheat.
Then if George Bush were caught he'd give us that great smile of his.
It reminds me of the game we had last week when Larry was drinking.
Of course Larry's not President but his hands were a bit messed up.
I think it's his wife and that cooking course she's taking.
Of course we'll all eat her cookies.
George Bush would sit down and eat her cookies like everyone else.
He'd wait his turn like everyone else.
It's incredible how great he is and how the country's prospering.
Those liberals could take a lesson from him.
He answers only to God. (I bet he answers to his wife too!

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