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birth of code unease

there is no birth of code, perhaps it is our universe.
any representation is already embedded in another.
perhaps you can't have representations without symmetrical substructures.
with 2nd-level code that's certainly true.
but a painting is another matter altogether.
in a painting (this is a painting of code), the eye does what the eye
  will (what one wills) (what is emergent (out of (in relation to)) chaos).
what i will <-> thinking a posteriori, the periphery.
i would have willed this if it would have been willed.
perhaps these sentences are phrases, unpunctured, opened
the world is all that is the easement
one can always try to force heidegger, i.e. retreat to alterity
why is there something rather than nothing <-> not always already your
  words, not even the ghosts of words, not even your own
(the) question(s) dissolve(/s) in the wind of presence
in this sense (inverse), why/cause = god
appeal to meaning, transcendence, and human culture falls to its knees
in any case, my pleasure, your presence
in any case, your presence, my pleasure

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