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tonight we flew Jet Blue across country from NYC getting out just before
the big New York City subway transit strike to Salt Lake City in Utah; the
trip was fabulous with satellite/DirectTV, watched BBC America, they had
one of their dissection programs on. what made it unusual was that the CEO
of Jet Blue was also on the flight, talking with everyone, just like he as
a real person; he told us he does this once a week which might go a ways
to explain why in the US Jet Blue's (why "Blue's"?) doing incredibly well
while everywhere else the airlines are blowing it with their passengers
(not literally of course), going into chapter 11 or bankruptcy. he said
that 80% of the employees own stock in the company. wow, it's weird; I
think that a number of other smaller carriers have the same deal, maybe a
"worker" is taking over or passing messages to other works (people). I
wonder if anyone ever thought of this before, I mean worker's control so
that workers own the means of production and run things themselves? I mean
why does anyone have to tell anyone else what to do??!! what else was
neat, you could watch the plane's progress across the whole country which
leads me to ask, what if the plane was hijacked and no one told the
passengers where they were going and then you could look at your tv in the
seat back in front of you and you could tell where the plane was going and
if the other passengers didn't know what to do or were too scared to do
the same thing you were doing you could yell out, CINCINNATI!

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