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December 22, 2005


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Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 10:04:18 -0500
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Subject: [Air-l] pinkett scores; trump, king flub blogs

Probably most readers of these lists know by now that one of our own
Internet-Society people, Randal Pinket, won The Apprentice last week --
the lucrative and dubious pleasure of working in Donald Trump's Empire.

Randal got his PhD from Sloan School of Business, MIT, and worked with
Keith Hampton on his eNeighbors project. Possibly like me, you met Randal
at a conference.

What you may not have seen is this dialogue between The Donald and TV
celeb interviewer Larry King December 19, 2005.

King: I don't even know how to touch a blog. Do you know how to blog?
...  Do you know how to reach a blogger?

Trump: I have no idea. Everybody that works for me knows. Me? I have no

King: I have no idea how to reach a blogger. I've never sent an e-mail. I
don't know what I'm doing."

Source: Rick McGinnis, "Tube Talk." Toronto Metro, 21Dec05: 41

PS: The subject was blog talk about whether Randal being an
African-American had anything to do with his victory.


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