The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 24, 2005

i have aimed my microscope at geneva switzerland
international boundaries collapse into unnatural quanta
my microscope never has enough power
this 'lack of power' is based on universal fabric

nevertheless there are glimmers of something uncanny
beneath the surface specificity rules and arises
surface corrodes specificity corrodes surface

what we perceive is always an uneasy balance
  between corrosion and purity
  slimemold and quantum

what you have is what has you

now we are looking at geneve incredible focus
a single atom in geneve sings hello
i am my microscope and sing hello duet
now we are in geneve

were coasting thru the stars outside the cosmic highways of paris
there is evil everywhere about us and we cannot stand the glare
we look and do not see, he says w/ Caution
Maria swallows him whole in the world of the last protein sex

everyone gets tired and stuck on the side of the road
the side of the road used to be called the shoulder
now its off in another dimension altogether Im nowhere sure
were hounded were getting there our maps and our star will guide us

ave ave ave take us to your leader
go farther than your leader leave him and her behind
the wind blows high and raise the roofbeam carpenter
our ornamental hood guides car and ship to unknown galaxies

'hello hello im your nearest neighbor
'your next-door unknown galaxy come in sit by the fire
'were warmed by memories of burning ancient stars
'one of thems your own dont worry youre safe here'

'tell us your journey and never say your names
'youll go soon enough we wont remember them
'theres nothing left and nothing far ahead
'nothing port or starboard nothing up or down'

'float well sail high upon the space of space
'ave ave hello goodbye goodbye'

were coasting out of paris the eiffel far behind
were churning out the world hello goodbye

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