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December 25, 2005

grapheme ii

wires connecting WWII field telephones across the floor
the receiver responds to buzzes, spherics
the universe moves through the wires
the universe speaks through both headsets everyone and no one is listening
what what what hello hello hello

an antenna leans against the wall the sound from the trolley car comes
through the outer room

sometimes things seem almost like languages in these rooms of
fortifications and despair
sexuality and language
the language of despair and sexual fortifications
the fortification of language and despair of sexuality

nomads come into the room and settle down in their tent on the hard floor
there are many names for the tent which slips from room to room
wheels from room to room

dances on the tentpoles ravens at the four corners of the world

inscription machine of exaltation and despair
_homo homini lupus_
millions of people die to satisfy the longing of one masturbation
'we are _that_ species which' ...

we will use up animals in our totems we will record animal cries
field telephones carry animal cries across the arena
  field telephone <--> field telephone
  does it matter who is speaking who is listening

soldiers fight one another in the arena while listening
to animals crying 'we are animals'

the wolves take pity on the humans
they caress them and protect them against the snow
against the avalanches and starvation against the cold and damp
and a warm place to sleep and to love

you are the only other animals that smile, say the wolves,
at least as far as we know, we have never left these mountains

a helium nucleus leaves its home
it happens without notice

the [   ]pecific [   ]nd [   ]xacting [   ]recisions [   ]f [   ]he
[   ]udio [   ]pectrum at [   ]he [   ]ime [   ]f [   ]he [   ]reation
[   ]f [   ]he [   ]irst [   ]mino [   ]cids [   ]roteins [   ]nzymes
physio-chemically [   ]equired [   ]or [   ]he [   ]onstruction [   ]f
[   ]ife produced [   ]ith [   ]ero [   ]olerance [   ]fter
[   ]icro-seconds [   ]f [   ]tomic [   ]ixture in [   ]atios [   ]overned
[   ]y [   ]he [   ]xigencies [   ]f [   ]olecular [   ]tratifications -
[   ]or [   ]he [   ]irst [   ]ime [   ]iven [   ]s [   ]pectral
[   ]ynthesis

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