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Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 00:25:44 +0900
From: <>
Subject: [womb sense]

The road site of the cyber dog. Cancel the stratification of death: the
affection coefficient of the replication possible suicide program clone-skin
of the drug embryo: cyberBuddha sings vital non=being....the brain of the
clone boy dives to Heaven....the ADAM doll of the amniotic fluid mechanism:
the nano-machinative murderous intention of the artificial sun is
inheriteded. So the womb machine form ants of the gimmick girl: I rape it
like brain: and the soul-machine of the ADAM doll recovers her apoptosis
grief....: be planetary rhythm the head line of an artificial ant: the
strategy mode of the body of the drug embryo. Her chromosome makes the
emotion....the ruin of the homosexual anthropoid that hybridizes the
sex-machine of TOKAGE zero. Placenta world of the end clone: a hybrid
storage: the outer space of the ADAM doll deciphers dustNirverna....the
immortality of the lonely masses of flesh=BABEL animals: the line that the
DNA=channel of an ant crunches to the angel mechanism

(she does not know the other side)

Speed of TOKAGE that the body of an ant does the mental immortality of the
soul-machine drug embryo of the dust-ADAM doll zero of the angel mechanism
that clone-dives to the storage of the sun crunch circulates the over there
of the pupil of the saturnish-green: the clone-skin of the ADAM doll where
does the insanity of a chromosome to her machinative worldly desires circuit
desire so loved her


The form of the hatred of a chromosome: DOWNXXXX.

Kenji Siratori

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