The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 17, 2006

feverish difficult to work maybe 8 megs
the nightmare rider on the nightmare cat
bareback rider slomo and happy yodel song

the song rises me
the rider lowers me

i will ride the back of my illness
i will swallow the front of music song

i give my illness to the world
what tapers increases and decreases
at the same time, increase and decrease
up and down the limbs
on the nightmare cat with two heads

i'm sick, this is a variation
want the characters to fly
and be attacked by tetrahedrons

that's what usually happens
when we get up off our feet
and try to do god's good sweet work

in any case, i've got a flu or 'the' flu
i can't tell which
i'm not hanging around birds but i'm run down
hope my fever drops, bandwidth goes up

hello to everyone from the other side
forgive a lack of personal response
the screen is swimming in front of me
or i'm swimming and there's a screen

no one knows the names of all the birds
what they call each other in the evening

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