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January 18, 2006

body and soul

The noun atman _soul_ is widely employed, in the singular (extremely
rarely in other numbers), as reflexive pronoun of all three persons.

The noun tanu _body_ is employed in the same manner (but in all numbers)
in the Veda.

(From Whitney's Sanskrit Grammar.)

or i will have gone underground
or i will have been fugitive
or azure support me in the final decades
or i will ignore my life
or i will embrace you in the tombs of my desire
or i will come to you with bullets and red bandanna
or i will walk the path among the graves and cloisters
or they will take me in or they will not take me in
or dust remains of humans buildings
or remains of animals plants all living things
or unbreathing or the least message or massage
or the last missive or the last missile
or we will have gone together or the final assault
or fugitive

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