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January 22, 2006

Night for Day

tap2 is 'Night for Day' stars two characters in bittersweet memory dreams as 
they wander through industrial landscape only to emerge bittersweet in doomed 

longhost2 must be played with 'Night for Day' it is the sound track of their 
doomed ghosts in bittersweet memories of nights and nights for days.

longninetheta must be played with 'Night for Day' it is the neural waves
freed from day and night, bittersweet and industrial please note not for
listeners subject to seizure

longninetheta to be played on occasion longhost2 to be played eternal

download loop both against the other
download play against the loop
this is _dance_ on deadly earth
you will contradict me not for long

Listening to the Power Grid

A 100' external long-wire antenna is connected to a VLF-3 receiver
grounded in the building. The receiver output is recorded on a Sony
minidisk. The final result is filtered until patterns are readily
discerned. The jpg below is from SpectrumLab of the raw material.
Frequency shifts show a moire-pattern in time.

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