The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 23, 2006

long-wire recording experiments with signal processing

fieldphone8 as newly received transmission

representative samples of relatively small size our enclosed

I wish to point your attention to the musicality of lw6, the
shuddering of fieldphone8, the universal sky-murmur of lw1,
the untuned schizophrenia of lwradio1

U-shaped long-wire antenna, around 100 feet.

note: the aesthetics and philosophical concerns, in relation to body, audio 
spectrum, aurality, sexuality, and digital and analog phenomenology,
are clear. an exciting thesis may be created in relation to these concerns but 
would this be anything other than an academic exercise in theorizing? I give 
you instead the raw material from which stars and theories are formed. you may 
do something with the second, not much with the first. in any case it is out of 
my hands, and into yours.

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