The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 29, 2006

origin of dance

it was very hard to see enemy. enemy lived in caves. enemy has always
lived in caves. first enemy destroyed lions and sloths and tigers. then
enemy destroyed mammoths and mastodons and great auks. now enemy destroys
enemy. now enemy destroys us. we say 'yes yes yes.' this is origin of
song. enemy titillates us with brilliance and amazing sleazy sex-life.
enemy ties us up willingly. then enemy buries us in caves. we did not
expect that burying. enemy uses only sticks or rocks for messages. enemy
uses only messaging voices and reminding paper scraps. enemy whispers
'take heed take heed.' we are twisted by beauty of enemy world. we step
over bodies of cave bears, cave wolves, sabre-toothed tigers, dodos,
carolina parakeets. cave reeks of them. their stick bones stick in us.
enemy lances our cunts with mastodons. enemy lances our pricks with
mammoths. this is 'jumping-about.' this 'jumping-about' is origin of

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