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January 30, 2006

bivouac of the double bodies

part 1 furious encounter
part 2 shuddered stasis
part 3 entwining legs

i will tame bone from your flesh flesh from your bone i will turn flesh
from your flesh bone from your bone i will take bone from your bone flesh
from your flesh i will tear flesh from your bone bone from your flesh

part 3 spliced separation
part 2 torn marrow and ligament
part 1 encountered asunder



more materials for dancework.
all of these are uncannily consistent for me.
but yes I can do other things, right now I'm typing and breathing.
well, trying to breathe, last night I had a bad coughing spell.
I thought my lungs were coming out.
today I bought the Hans Bellmer book, am I really that perverse?
also Tamara Karsavina, Theatre Street, ballet biography.
Herman Kahn, Thinking About the Unthinkable, an old Avon paperback.
and American Film Genres, Stuart M. Kaminsky.
these are exciting finds, stoking my furnace for style change!
not to mention thermonuclear war!
and the first edition of Principles Underlying Radio Communication, 1919.
learning about electro-mechanical alternators and radio transmissions.
good for you Netherlands!
enjoy the music, Switzerland!
hello to everyone, Belgium!

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