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February 7, 2006

Google Makes The Best Poetry

    Someone should study me now, "Google hacks
    are fun. They screw up every single word I put in here, just about."
    They're good at sorting documents for relevance when it comes.
    This is to make the poem seem very simple - it has a nursery ...
    Most poetry isn't out to prove a point; rather, most good poetry
    attempts a Warning Poem - Good Judgment About Warning Poem.
    I give to you my favorite poem: "The More Loving
    fences make good neighbors." Courtney loaned me a book the
    other day: (And not just for poetry. All good things are "sticky"
    on the web.) Once, in 1994, searching
    for common words made results less fun, however following these
    words 12 Chicago Vowel Movers made
    her a good writer. I hate a LOT of Dickinson's poetry,
    some good keywords. start searching. Make sure you do more
    than one search. Different searches will give you different sites.
    this opens the virtual door to ambiguity,
    love poetry web sites,
    very good, serious sites with beautiful love poetry, ranging
    from classic to - This makes me feel today is Valentine's Day!
    Probably not a very good idea in the first place combining Google
    Poem with cut-up.cgi - you've got Gysin smiling. Catch a Poet
    makes writing far more rewarding for me. They've convinced me that
    and appreciating good poetry can't help but make all writers writers.
    These Old Poems: Rehabilitating The Worst In Poetry! A
    poem is one in which the form of the verse and the joining of its
    "Poetry is what in a poem makes you laugh, cry, prickle, be
    Oh no wait, make it "Osama butt pancake lube explosives yay!
    23" Brad Sucks - Google Suggests Poetry!
    Over at this article, the author says that you can actually make up
    poetry from using the Google Suggest feature. One of his examples are:
    back in the saddle! It's
    tremendously important that great poetry be written, it makes no jot of
    difference No good poetry is ever written in a manner twenty years
    old, 26 Eclectic Refrigerator: Jazz, Poetry, Politics, & Anything
    Googletry. A couple of other poets and myself have
    a pretty good burrito. Google would make money through the
    program, of course, but that alone does not prevent the company from
    all sides of the spectrum, you know. But he does make one very good
    statement: How to Write Bad Poetry - Plus, topics for
    persuasive writing
    about limitless expressions, right? So in that sense, make your lines
    a great read, make your brain work on complex stuff, In essence
    it's not a very good idea in the first place to combine a Google
    artist, make something, a poem, a word, a painting. Anyone
    interested in learning to write good poetry should experiment
    with different forms, like haikus and sonnets, etc. But first - you
    Poets potentially
    make good marketers because we read poems and ads in almost identical
    ways! Good Morning Thinkers!
    Authors benefit when they are paid for their work, not when Google
    makes money. How to Read a Poem - a good poem is like reaching a
    mountain summit -
    Here are a few steps you can take to make the climb a bit easier.
    Writing poetry is a skill, and people improve when they allow
    themselves to make
    mistakes and learn from them. A poet who writes a good poem every time
    will make canes, an old pine in a fine spot,
    Therefore, good erotic poetry -
    Poor spelling aside, there are elements of a good poem there, an
    ocean - good poetry about wool fills me.
    We're happy if everyone realized, all at once, that hating most of
    the poetry you read doesn't mean you don't like poetry; it just means
    the current situation with poetry makes less sense.
    I was trying to work with good material from not so good poems and
    old poems and I didn't see anything good about death.
    The struggle, the journey, that makes poetry live and stick in our
    craw - a couple of other poets and myself have suicide poems in them.
    (say though, he could have done better than google that last line.)

    PS I had to read this poem more than once to have it make sense.
    I have always had my own ideas on what makes a good poem.

    PS PS I still feel a need to say that I have found lots of good
    poetry in the name of all that is good and holy!

    (Hmmmmm. That will make a few people smile and my love weep.)


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