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Who among us is suffering with the violence and depravation of American 
torture, prisons, deaths, death penalties, empire, all over the news here, 
even CNN, the new Abu Gharayb, calls for closure of Guantanamo, and here 
we're hearing on Amerikkkan 'million selling hit' - If we don't destroy 
the world, we should at least kill ourselves off. I literally can't stand 
it, I'm not alone in this, the nightmares take over constantly, At least I 
shouldn't live long enough to see the world in ruins, what we've done, and 
at least I've done what little I could to turn back the butterfly. But 
we're all smelling the smoke of armageddon, the charring of human bones, 
the chemical soups we call air and water, the smouldering of the last free 
animals on earth... How does one cope with this? I'm suicidal? How do you 
explain Abu Gharayb?

- Alan

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