The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 26, 2006

found movie rand fan dance internals

production establishment backdrop venue
original PAL system quicktime sorensen hla
invisible work behind the scene
foreground for stream kept open observe
other done things during time slot closing
found movie rand fan dance internals
production house darkling back downed feathers
downed house ranch home dwelling establishment
backdrop cold war post war pre war heartland
invisible world behind the seen
sally covered feathers breasts and silhouettes
sally covered everyone feathers birds and raptures
sally covered everyone silhouettes and feathers

rand.mp4 is now working; it uploaded, read 0
bytes, saved as rand.htm, making no sense, neither shallow nor deep.

perhaps of more interest, - these
are again for the continuous dance/work/geneva/construction/production/
choreographicization/creation that consumes us all

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