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March 7, 2006

Geneva Crossing

Had special permission to ride with the driver on the tram 12 line. So 8
gigabytes across town with PAL smooth. Snowy as usual. Then reduced to 300
megs just for an HLA compression to MP4. Tried for standard .mov and it
hit 1.7 gigabytes, not very clear. Sorensen compression set at 70% 640 x
512 or some such. Tried for .avi at Cinepak 80% but rendering would take a
full day. The length of the thing is 36 minutes. Don't have a full day and
.avi usually looks bad anyway. Tried for a 20x15 pixel for the Net. That
blurred out, uninteresting. Went up t0 80x60, increased contrast. That was
intersted. Saved in QT and doubled looped the size. 13+ megabytes. The
image is pointillist to say the least. But beautiful running on the desk,
why not? You might even save it, run it full-screen. The original is still
on the tape. The movement is perfect, smooth. Had to remove the sound,
that added 35 megabytes at mono 8-bit 8k. At least you see grey and some
colors. The colors are more than I saw. The increased contrast brought
them out. It brought out Geneva for me. Thanks to the bus company. .

Someone saw the northern god emanations i'm sure.
Then the darkfury came and i hurt myself today.
Now i walk badly and have difficulty eating.
If i fall apart foofwa will rescuse me from the rhone.
(But i'll be in the arve.)

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