The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

March 8, 2006

Millennium Film and Video
66 East 4th Street, NY
Telephone 212-673-0090

March 18th, Saturday - Alan Sondheim
8:00 PM, $8 / $6 members

"Alan Sondheim, the prolific renaissance man of new media, comes to the
Millenium with a brand new program called EMBEDDED (Assembled Performance)
(60 min. approximately, using material from 2005-2006). He has produced
numerous books and articles. His video and film have been widely shown. He
is currently working with the Swiss dance company of Foofwa d'Imobilite.

'My recent work is multi-media. Laptop performances deal with political,
sexual, and cyber issues. I run video/audio/text segments from a laptop in
combinatory fashion, typing a real-time commentary at screen bottom. The
result is an extended body and socius, digital problematized by analog,
purity by eror, language by language-stumblling. If I can't break new
ground in performance, I've failed. I present an entertaining implosion of
information, fast-forward imaging, memories of seductions., My avatars are
reincarnations of Bodhidarma, the world's wonder collapsed into pixel-
annihilation. I empty images at warp-speed. It's already a gone world, say
goodbye-hello to extinctions.'"

I was the passenger in seat 34k in the plane that went down over France.

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