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March 14, 2006

(my new attitude since my work doesn't garner comments any more on the 
lists, so well as might advertise with jetlag)

This just in: a label from San Francisco called Fire Museum Records has put out a CD reissue of the debut album by Alan Sondheim's classic Providence-based Ritual All 770 band. (Man, this is the fourth Providence-related review in a row, and I'm strictly using alphabetical order here. That town must really be "The New Seattle.") The album is called The Songs, was recorded in March 1967, was self-released in enough of an edition for the name "All 770" to end up on the NWW list, and is a must-hear for fans of the group's two subsequent albums on ESP-Disk (Ritual All 770, also from 1967, and T'Other Little Tune, from 1968). In fact, it's my favorite of the three. Gorgeous but constantly challenging improv mystery-movement with femme-chorale vocals. Sondheim is credited with a super-whopping 19 different instruments (including his slippery weird electric blues guitar leads that you will remember from the ESP releases), and is joined by others on a basic core lineup of bass, trump
  et, cornet, "jazz drums," and tabla (with many other instruments filling out the ensemble). Again, the two women on vocals are awesome (Ruth Ann Hutchinson and June Fellows). Also check this wild interview with Mr. Sondheim, and there's always the strange and deep

out now! ritual all 770/
alan sondheim- the songs fm-04

fire museum records
p.o. box 591754
san francisco, ca. 94159 u.s.a.

origin and corruption of digital trembling

incorrect aspect ratio in all forms
Maud Liardon establishes time and dies

the company

the company in action with the master-camera
the memory of a dancer is in hir muscles
the body is a muscle
the brain is a body
the brain is not a muscle
the body of the dancer is eternal
long live eternal bodies
eternal bodies are digital
digital bodies can never be destroyed
digital bodies live forever and i don't mean on television
i don't mean on computers either
the company is the company of digital bodies
vulnerability is a trick
my name is damaged life*

*name of post-industrial sound group alan sondheim and
denise de la cerda with others on occasion mid 1980s
ironically the sound of is somewhat similar
or if i'm repeating myself, the same

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